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Side loading between OMN Classic, 2017, Mac and PCs - any issues?


I'm just trying out OMN 2017 on the Mac and having issues downloading purchased and subscription maps for use offline.

Should sideloading work from my old PC OMN Classic (v1-0-9-32) to the Mac? What about folder names / locations etc? Any issues I should be aware of?

Thanks, pb


Unless you have purchased a 'Plus' subscription, you won't be able to download maps on the Mac. You will however be able to Stream them as you will until 30th November 2017 have a complimentary Standard subscription on your account. Simply highlight a map in My Maps, and press View and the map tiles will be downloaded as required.

Sideloading is going to be implemented on OMN 2017, but it won't work with OMN Classic fully due to Enhanced Zoom which OMN Classic doesn't use.

You should find the following links useful:

If you have any further questions please let us know.


Thanks Graham, that's useful.

What about manually copying the pkg files from OMN Classic to the OMN 2017 folders? Will that still work?

PS: FYI I have puchased the Premium Plus.

You can copy them across, but then use Settings->ReIndex for the system to know about them. Also, you will still need to run verify, as OMNC doesn't use the Enhanced Zoom level map data - i.e. the system will still need to download extra mapping.

But also if you have just subscribed you are probably better off downloading, as you will get the latest map data.


OK, thanks.


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