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PC Beta 1.0.22 - Statistics

Hi all,


New columns added to GPX Editor (GE):



If you draw a route on the map and load GE, you can now view the statistics.

Estimated time is currently calculated on Naismith’s defaults. We will have a settings screen soon to put your own figures in.

I think though that the maths is now working all correctly.

Some finessing of the editing selection system for bunched up track points.

Plotting a route, waypoints will now pick up height data if you have it locally. If not, on load, they will populate if the height data is available. With streaming turned on, height data will be streamed into place.


What hasn’t been done:

No route profile window.

No personal settings for Estimated time.

I think we need a better location for overall route stats on the GE window – a bit like the old ‘info’ popup on OMNC.

It should auto-update, or you can download from here:


Many thanks,


Hi Graham,

Downloaded and installed via Hockey OK.

That all looks to be working fine on my desktop PC.  I have found that changes to the settings with GE open, e.g. height, distance, column selection may not always work unless the route is closed and GE reopened. This is not really an issue as I guess once set these will stay the same for me and probably quite reasonable, just an observation.

I think there is enough selection now to satisfy most of us and for me the estimated time is pretty good looking forward to having the route profile which is something I use frequently.


Downloaded and installed after opening previous beta and getting the 'new version available' message.  All looks to be the same as when i installed on the desktop.  Same issue of getting my GE settings to stick without reverting to the install defaults but seems to be OK now.

I do like the ability to draw and route and see the data in GE, very useful.


Hi Graham, should have said second install was on laptop.  Ernie

Many thanks Ernie,

I'm not quite understand the bug you reported. Do you mean the columns don't show up, or that data doesn't populate into the columns?


Hi Graham, Hi Graham, What happens is that if I deselect cartain columns in GE settings they are not removed in GE. I'm not sure it's a bug as such it just seems to take a few iterations to get to the columns I want. I'd wait to see if any one else reports it as an issue. Anyway it's all looking very good. Ernie

Hi Graham,

One small bug. If you deselect Show Waypoint Name in Waypoint Style manager and then subsequently reselct it Waypoint Names are not once more generated on drawing a new route and the Name field in GE remains empty.

Otherwise looking good.

Steve Lunn

This is probably not related to this Beta but I have a new toy, a Samsung Gear Fit2. I went for a walk today and had it record the walk. I then exported the gpx file and tried to load it into this version of OMN and got the following:-


Basically, it says there's an error in the xml document. Just to check I imported the file into OMN Classic and it worked no problem at all.

I have attached the gpx file.

as another test I loaded a track that had been sync'd from the Andriod app, (which had a rogue point in it) and the Elevation data looked correct but the ascent column was 0 as was the minimum height, (whatever that might be). The Summary data showed zero Ascent and descent which was definitely wrong.

I closed the track and opened it again and the ascent and descent looked much better!!


Hi Graham,

Managed to crash this beta numerous times  today, around 14.30-15.00

First crash triggered by using Ctrl + C to copy stats into Excel from GE window.

I can re-produce this problem.

> Ctrl+A to select all WP's then >

Ctrl+C will then trigger the crash

Second crash was much more severe with multiple crash logs being generated, 20-30 or more!

I sent quite a few, then ended the programme. 

This was triggered when syncing Icons. I noticed I didn't have the latest set, so choose to sync.

Closed, re-opened and now have latest icons. 

Tried a few more syncs which have not produced any more crash logs.



Hi, I'm a little confused about Waypoint Styles. I would have thought that you can only have one waypoint style per track log. If you pick one style the others shouldn't be ticked. I'm trying to get rid of the waypoint "name" from a tracklog but I'm failing miserably. I probably don't understand what I'm supposed to be doing but I would have thought that clicking a style that is checked should un-select it. See the screen dump below. I have managed to get 4 styles ticked.

I also don't like that this dialogue closes after each click.


Hi Graham,
   I can't paste text into the thread so I have attached a file.
It's about future development/prioritisation and how Anquet
inform the Anquet user community and how the community
might contribute.

Paul Whitfield



@Ernie – can you try a Settings->Reset, and let me know if the bug on columns clears itself up?

@Steve Lunn – those two things shouldn’t be related. GE should show data in a column if its present regardless of Style. It seems to me that one issue here is that when we draw a route, internally in the route point we should fill in the Name field regardless of if it’s used or not.

@Ian – I’ve popped the bad GPX load on my list to look into. Minimum height is the minimum height between the two waypoints – we sample the height data between them, but if no data is present, its obviously bringing back zero which isn’t helpful, as a zero height can well exist.

@Paul Q – I’ve just tried ctrl-a, ctrl-c, and for me it’s working ok on a large tracklog. Are you consistently crashing with this?

@Ian – Styles cascade down through the tree. So you can apply a Style at the top GPX level, a Route level, or to an individual waypoint. So to Style all of the waypoints in a route, right click on the route in GE, or the Route on the map and select Waypoint Styles on Route – this will set it for every waypoint on the route, which is different to doing it for an individual waypoint.

Your screenshot shows you have right clicked on a file or route (I can’t see), and its telling you that within that selection, four different waypoint styles are in use. If you then click on one or more, it will then apply that style to everything in that selection.

In outstanding things are profiles, at present there lack makes the new program a non replacement for Classic for us and a suspect from comments made before others as well.


@Paul - some thinking does need to go into that, but now actually isn´t the right time. At the moment, I believe I have everything logged, but frankly the tools aren´t currently available to work as we now work with such a set of core code. At the moment, I use a kanban on which I *believe* I have everything logged, but more gets logged each day than gets resolved, and I think it will be that way until we get everything settled. Right now its easy to fill say the next 5 days of development time with urgent tasks, and frankly there isn´t much point to think beyond that, as the priorities within the next 5 days will move again with user feedback and releases. Frankly cataloguing it all and publishing it will just eat valuable development time. For instance, the colour rendering issue is a regression, and I believe comes from a fix elsewhere. Yourself and one other have raised it - its a bug, and it needs resolving, but on the other hand there are a lot of people waiting on Android. The quicker we can code right now, and iterate through releases, the quicker we will get this all to a stable state. There are no major bugs that I´m aware of, but plenty of niggles that need resolving before people get annoyed by them. And then there are functions which people are certainly missing. So for the moment, I will just keep my head down and keep going. Your help is always appreciated, and I am sure in about a month this phase will hopefully be behind me, and I will have a little more time for planning rather than reacting.

Hi Graham,

Paste (ctrl-v) now works.

I had to look up kanban! Thanks for this insight into the
development cycle. One of the reasons I raised the issue at
this time was the request for feedback on functionality that
users would like to see added next but, clearly, adding items
to the list for the development cycle is a lot more complicated
than I had envisaged (think "to do" lists!).

Hopefully, the rising tide of issues being logged will recede
once all four systems are released and stable and you are able
to make in-roads into the minor bugs/niggles.

Well done to the Anquet team for all the hard work that has gone
in to developing a great product.

Paul Whitfield


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