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PC Beta 1.0.22 - Statistics

Hi all,


New columns added to GPX Editor (GE):



If you draw a route on the map and load GE, you can now view the statistics.

Estimated time is currently calculated on Naismith’s defaults. We will have a settings screen soon to put your own figures in.

I think though that the maths is now working all correctly.

Some finessing of the editing selection system for bunched up track points.

Plotting a route, waypoints will now pick up height data if you have it locally. If not, on load, they will populate if the height data is available. With streaming turned on, height data will be streamed into place.


What hasn’t been done:

No route profile window.

No personal settings for Estimated time.

I think we need a better location for overall route stats on the GE window – a bit like the old ‘info’ popup on OMNC.

It should auto-update, or you can download from here:


Many thanks,


Hi Graham,

The crashing I was experiencing when using keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste waypoints from GE, has now been cured on two test machines by re-booting. 

It was constantly crashing on both PC;s every time I used Ctrl+A  / C

These machines are not re-booted very often (remote access required on both)

 So, all well for now.



Paul Q

@John - route profiles are on the way.

@Paul Whitfield - core code gives a LOT of benefits - I have no regrets on that decision, but keeping tabs on to has a certain few lines of code been deployed to iOS beta is ever complex given that we probably check-in code changes multiple times per day. I'm not religious with the kanban, but what I like about it is that you should only ever have X things in progress - that should stop us getting 6 balls in the air and not completing anything. Its going to be a few hard weeks for me, but its a good feeling.  Thanks for all of your input.

@PaulQ - I'm pleased about that, as I ran a few quick tries here and had no issues, so I wasn't really sure where to go next with that!

I switched maps and its now not displaying anything and has to be closed via the taskbar. I uninstalled and reinstalled but no good.


(55.4 KB)

I have no idea why but after downloading OEM direct omn.msi (not beta link) its working again. BUT yet again some maps were said to be only partial (and some French heights were said to be installed( never added them myself!)). Initially it said the usual rubbish about not downloading software over XX days but a reboot got it to accept making the effort and it did it. One Classic problem we find it it now complains when there is no, as there isn’t when we are at the caravan, internet. So far it gives up and runs but…

Found Classic has lost "Northern England as well in road, 50 and 25,000. God the new server is slow!


@john7 - it sounds like you have sorted everything out. OMN 2017 streams data from the UK, but to keep costs down downloads from the US where cheaper services are available. Download speeds whilst not amazing do get the job done - but I also think a lot of people don't realise how much data they are in fact downloading (something the software could do better at conveying) - its often 10+ GBs of map data.


1.0.22 released version

For the first time in several weeks I wanted to change a waypoint style.  Prior to you releasing standard versions I had set up some of my own.  As you will see from the attached it looks like a number of these styles have been duplicated and numbers added to their names.  e.g. Large Icon with Name & Text appears over 20 times.  I certainly don't recall creating these duplicates manually.  I am going to manually prune the list and will keep an eye open to see what happens in the future.



Hi chaps,

The next one is live.

@David - I've seen this one a few times. Something somewhere is getting in a loop, and over a set of syncs its thinking there is a duplicate issue, and renaming one. I need to track this one down.


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