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iOS Beta 28 - Trial Release

Hi chaps,

This is the BIG one - yes, this is what I am hoping to submit to Apple in the next day or so.

A list of very small changes:

+ the system now checks the size of a tile download, so this should stop corrupt tiles that are partially downloaded getting into the system.

+ Edit Mode moved in the menu to nearer the bottom which just makes more logical sense.

+ Elevation readouts are now rounded to the nearest full unit rather than 12 decimal places.

+ Trackpoint now correctly labelled in Settings->Styles/Icons.

+ Goto is now labelled Find to match desktops.

+ Settings->About no longer has a ‘test storage’ button which was built for Android.

A REALLY BIG thank-you to you all for all of your help and input. You have been a big part of making this all possible.

Obviously, I’m certainly not intent on this being the last iOS beta - but do expect a pause unless I’m unfortunately fire-fighting bugs. Priorities once this is live, is to get Android to the same position (its close, but slightly behind), then its most likely some further iteration on desktops on statistics which we will then bring to the mobiles.

For a quick recap on installation - please see the first beta post:

Many thanks,


Hi Graham,

Downloaded and installed latest. Went for a walk and it tracked without issue and included the rounded height data. 

Congratulations for getting us here... 

Quite timely too as I'm off to the USA again for the next couple of weeks to visit my grandkids so testing would come to a halt. Will still use omn ios for tracklogs and if I have any issues i'll let you know

Many thanks for allowing me to be part of the testing


Hi Graham, I've downloaded via the iPad Hockey app and installed OK. Checked the items you mentioned above and they all look good for me. Congrats to all. Ernie

@Dennis - many thanks and have a good trip.

@Ernie - many thanks!

Downloaded and installed Beta 28 without problems on 9.3.5 old iPad Mini, 10.3.3 new iPad Mini, and 10.3.3 iPhone 6.

I wanted to get all my icons consistent across these devices and Beta 47 and had crashes on all of them when changing the Defaults. I could change the Default Waypoint Icon but when moving on to change the Routepoint icon it crashed. I got round it by changing one closing down and reopening then changing the second.  Crash logs sent.

On 9.3.5 Memory Warning OMN is using too much memory still appears.

Will test on walk tomorrow.


Great milestone reached!!!! You and the team must be really pleased and are to be congratulated. It's been a pleasure to be part of it all. Well done. Now to use it in ernest... Tony
... and of course to continue to be part of it it! Tony

Just back from a short 13km sea kayak trip round Islands of Fleet. All functioned well on iPhone SE. No further "using too much memory" message and track log recorded without interuption. Very well pleased, thanks to all at Anquet.

Douglas :o)

Hi Graham,

I have been plotting a few routes and editing them and I like the way this works now.

I still find the Styles/Icons area very confusing and wonder how people who are completely new to OMN might manage.

If you wish to establish  default settings under Default route point icon - Routepoint icon style you still have to go back to Settings Waypoint Style Manager to say whether you wish to show waypoint icon, waypoint name and waypoint text.  This is really not at all intuitive and I question how people are expected to work it out.

I thought that you were going to change the No icon ON/OFF so it was more logical but it is still the same.


@Peter – I have put your crashes on the system to see if we can replicate them. Styles is very powerful, and in fact pretty simple once you ‘get your head around it’. One thing I have to turn my head to now is more documentation and some introductory videos. Lots still to do. The On/Off is on the list still.

@Tony – many thanks, and I have another task below….

@Douglas – that sounds like a nice little outing.


Chaps, I spent a chunk of yesterday getting our official build to pass all of the automated checks for submission to Apple – different icon sizes, bits of text etc. That’s all done now, and shouldn’t need revising on further updates, so another tick in the box. Now its screenshots, description and hit the big button to notify Apple to check the app over, which I believe is still done by hand. I’m hoping to submit today – I’m off to do the screenshots.


Which brings me onto two things, which I would love some feedback on.


App Name. I can’t use ‘Outdoor Map Navigator’ as the OMNC has that.

I am thinking to go with ‘OMN - Outdoor Map Navigator’ (max 50 characters)

And a subtitle ‘Offline OS Maps for walking.’ (max 30 characters)

I don't fancy OMN 2017, as that will date very quickly.



On writing the description, I have obviously been reading the competition, and let’s be honest, there are some very good walking apps out there now. Looking at the competition, two things struck me – one how absolutely cluttered quite a lot of them look – buttons everywhere, and secondly and I think most importantly how the majority are a stand-alone apps. If they aren’t stand-alone, then they most likely have a web app companion available.

I have plenty of space to write more description, it can be 4000 characters.

In my mind, but I will look forward to your thoughts, what Anquet now does is OS Maps on multiple computers, phones and tablets. Its a joined up system. This is obviously the description aimed at the iOS app store. I'm about to set out and alter it for the macOS store as well.

Offline Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain along with GPS functionality. Outdoor Map Navigator apps are available on iOS, macOS, Android and PC allowing you to use the maps your purchase or subscribe to along with your routes on multiple phones, tablets and computers.

· Download maps to store on your iPhone/iPad to use them offline without an internet connection.

· See your position in real time on Ordnance Survey maps.

· Record tracklogs of where you have been.

· Plot routes, edit and style them.

· Fully featured search including place names and postcodes.

· Use Ordnance Survey grid references, lat/lon or UTM.


· Access the latest Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale Explorer maps and 1:50,000 scale Landranger maps.

· Subscribe or buy Ordnance Survey maps.

· Other maps available include OS Open Map Local, OS Vector Map, Harvey, French IGN and historical maps.

· Maps can be downloaded for offline use so that they can be used away from an internet connection.

· Superfast map rendering to any zoom level.

· Use your maps on iOS, macOS, PC and Android via OMN apps on these platforms – no need to use a clunky web browser based system.

· The option to stream maps when you have an internet connection.

Routes and Tracklogs

· Add and save waypoints.

· Plot routes and style them.

· Choose from over 200 icons for waypoints, or import your own on OMN macOS or OMN PC and sync to your account for use on OMN iOS.

· Save routes and tracks and sync them to Anquet Cloud to access them on other OMN apps.

· Import and Export data in the industry standard GPX file format.


Use your maps, routes and tracks within any of the four OMN apps. You can therefore plan a route on the larger screen on your Mac or PC, and then easily sync your route data to your iPhone or iPad. If you need to make a change whilst on the go, OMN iOS has a full route editing system. When you have completed your trip, review your tracklog either on OMN iOS, or quickly sync to your Mac or PC to view on a larger screen.


Anquet Maps have been building digital mapping systems since 2001. This latest version of OMN was built with the help of our customers concentrating on usability and consistency across iOS, macOS Android and PC to allow users to learn the system once and easily move between computers without having to relearn everything. Although you have a full route editing system on your iPhone or iPad, also having access to the same tools on your Mac or PC will make your route planning much easier due to the larger screen. OMN mac and PC also contain a very powerful print engine to allow you to make map prints to carry as a backup.



Many thanks as always,


Hi Graham, That all looks good to me, it's so easy to over complicate it but you don't mention Anquet HD mapping, maybe a comparison when you do the screen shot 50/50 on a single image. Maybe worth mentioning iPad Pro. Really important is to stress the route sync to all the platforms, cross platform functionality at no extra cost? (As well as map downloads etc.) once a subscription is purchased on one platform it's good for all platforms. Additionaly the massive range of track, route icons and line styles built into the app, maybe screen shot? In reality I think you've got a really good description and product differentiation to the rest. Ernie
Hi Graham, My suggestion would be OMN2. It retains the well known acronym of OMN with 2 indicating (as in many products e.g. iPhone 4,5,6 etc) a major upgrade. This doesn't then close the window to other major releases using 3,4 etc (if ever contemplated). Description all good but would also agree with Ernie's points. Good luck with Apple. / Tony

@Ernie, @Tony - many thanks.

And sorry, but yet another beta....

Recorded a walk of just over 7 miles today on iPhone and iPad Mini.  Both performed flawlessly including Pause and Resume.

Map panning was extremely good. I did not try editing any of the points while walking there was no need.

I was really pleased with the way this worked today.  Well done all those involved in getting the tracking and recording to this stage.

My styles setting worked very well and I do agree it is a very powerful, and for me, a very useful feature.  I will be using it quite a lot.  I am however not convinced that it is "pretty simple" even once you do get your head round it.  It will be interesting to see how easy new users find it to get their heads round.  I  look forward to seeing how you explain the process of setting up the user choices for Default route features -icon, icon style and line style, particularly Routepoint icon style, which seems to me tortuous.  I  obviously have a hang up about this and promise not to mention it again!


Unfortunately had a crash today with this beta on an iPhone SE. I was not recording a track log at the time but was changing from an HD to an SD map (the HD map was downloading in the background over 4G). Once restarted, no further crashes, even when trying to replicate what I was doing prior to the crash.

Agree with ernieb above re features to emphasise.


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