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iOS Beta 28 - Trial Release

Hi chaps,

This is the BIG one - yes, this is what I am hoping to submit to Apple in the next day or so.

A list of very small changes:

+ the system now checks the size of a tile download, so this should stop corrupt tiles that are partially downloaded getting into the system.

+ Edit Mode moved in the menu to nearer the bottom which just makes more logical sense.

+ Elevation readouts are now rounded to the nearest full unit rather than 12 decimal places.

+ Trackpoint now correctly labelled in Settings->Styles/Icons.

+ Goto is now labelled Find to match desktops.

+ Settings->About no longer has a ‘test storage’ button which was built for Android.

A REALLY BIG thank-you to you all for all of your help and input. You have been a big part of making this all possible.

Obviously, I’m certainly not intent on this being the last iOS beta - but do expect a pause unless I’m unfortunately fire-fighting bugs. Priorities once this is live, is to get Android to the same position (its close, but slightly behind), then its most likely some further iteration on desktops on statistics which we will then bring to the mobiles.

For a quick recap on installation - please see the first beta post:

Many thanks,


Hi Graham,

Your description starts with: Offline Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain along with GPS functionality.  Is this intended as a heading?  It is not a sentence and does not get the description off to a good start.

For me key points to get across in the first paragraph are:

Outdoor Map Navigator provides cross platform functionality enabling users to view the complete range (?) of Ordnance Survey Maps on iOS, macOS, Android and PC.  Powerful and flexible GPS functions provide facilities to plan routes and record accurate tracks on maps that can be used without requiring internet connections.

I think it is worth mentioning somewhere that users who have specialist requirements can design and import their own icons.  These can be used for creating routes, recording tracks or marking waypoints.


@Peter S – many thanks. Glad it’s all running well. There is some cleaning up to do as always. Many thanks for your input. It’s difficult – the stats show that a lot of people don’t even read the complete of your first sentence, therefore you have to front load your differences to the front of that sentence. To be honest, I’ve not been that active in app marketing, as OMNC hasn’t changed much of late, so I’m going to be getting a few fresh books soon I guess for some bedtime reading.

@Douglas – many thanks.

Hi Graham, Just as a reminder - could the long press on the map auto copy the GR to the clipboard? Would be very useful and hopefully not to tricky to implement. What will be the process for feedback now iOS has gone live? Will new features come in the form of a beta as before prior the the live iOS geting updated? Tony
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