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iOS Beta 1.01

Hi gents,

Sorry to be putting out yet another release.

I realised that between the last beta, and the changes I made yesterday to get the build through the first Apple submission tests, some Android code changes have also gone into the system.

I have today also upped the build number to 1.01.

So I’m hopeful that *this* build is the one that I will be submitting later on today.

I’m off out to give it a test now, but I would as always appreciate the once over from anyone who has the time.

For a quick recap on installation - please see the first beta post:

Many thanks,


Hi Graham, No need to apologise I think we all know how difficult it must be to get over the last few hurdles, particularly with Apple. Downloaded and installed via Hockey OK, I've checked through the settings etc., and fired up the Garmin GLO and started, paused a few very short tracks. Editing functions all work as previously. It all seems to be there and functioning OK. Ernie

Quick look and no problems and will no doubt come into its own when working alongside my Mac.

Nice clear usage instructions for us cerebrally challenged oldies would be appreciated by some  in the fullness of time, please.    David

Brief look and no problems. Everything I've tried seems to be ok. Tony
All looks good and stable to me. Tim


I´m off for a beer.


Bit late but installedrelease and just set a track log going. As soon as I enabled track log it crashed. Crash report sent. Reloaded and this time tracklogs ecorded and I was surprised that I appear to have height data, will check it more tomorrow. Currently in Connecticut. Saw your write up on OMN but will find time to review it tomorrow Dennis

Hi Graham,

Great news, let's hope it goes through OK although I understand it's quite common to get rejections from Apple.  I think you and the guys deserve a beer for sure.  My wife often remarks that she wonders when you find time to sleep and then remembers what I was like when I worked?


Well done to all!!! Beers all round I would think! Fingers crossed re Apple. Well done. It's a great product. I have some thoughts on Peter's comments re icons/styles but will feed them back later. Again well done! Tony

Hi Graham,

Here's to success with Apple.  I hope it all goes well.

I installed 1.01.  No problems.  On a short test walk everything I tested worked well.  I switched Editing on while tracking, moved a few points around and switched it off again.  This worked just as expected with the ability to pan without moving points instantly reinstated.



sorry for slow response to input. celebrating daughters 21st :-)

install of version 1.01 Beta al fine. quick to start and no crashes as yet.

I noted the Icon on my IPAD seems t now be a 'release version' i.e. with a green band, not he red band I thought identified the beta versions. 

I've a few routes to plan, so hope I can get some more edit and print actions going over the weekend ad will report back.

I've also  just installed the Android new Beta first run up was quick but froze when I tried to adjust map size. A restart of the app and it all seemed to come right. Again I'll give it some more road testing over the weekend.

Oh yes and congrats on the submission.. Beer well earned. Might join you if I find the time.

thanks chaps.

Good news, we went straight through.

Hi Graham, Congratulations to you and all the team at Anquet HQ. You must be so relieved it's finally made it to the end of such a long process. I guess I'll have to download it to post a review? Ernie

yup :-)  Just Android to go now. About to beta the SD card work.

And been fighting today with the mac app store for macOS, so that will be getting submitted I hope in the coming days.

Still work to do, but yes a review would be great!

You can let your wife know I don´t sleep much - 4 to 5 hours is enough for me. I´ve also had a lot of distractions this last few weeks with the house and country move, so I´m in a bit of a catch up mode at the moment.


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