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iOS Beta 1.01

Hi gents,

Sorry to be putting out yet another release.

I realised that between the last beta, and the changes I made yesterday to get the build through the first Apple submission tests, some Android code changes have also gone into the system.

I have today also upped the build number to 1.01.

So I’m hopeful that *this* build is the one that I will be submitting later on today.

I’m off out to give it a test now, but I would as always appreciate the once over from anyone who has the time.

For a quick recap on installation - please see the first beta post:

Many thanks,



Thanks for that Dennis - it was my editing that was at fault. But thanks for the filling me in on how to select tracking parameters. I'm amazed I've been in ignorance for so long.

Decided the best course of action was to delete the original, repost, correct the error you spotted and insert something about tracking params.



(a repost)

Some more feedback on your helper notes:-

I think in general it needs shortening, focusing specifically on the user. Suggested edits below


GPS Marker and Tracklogs

This settings page is split into two parts is divided as follows:-

  • GPS Marker

It is possible to You can select how to display your position is shown on the map by choosing the built-in, default marker orEither choose to use an icon from the Icon Manager finally adjusting its appearance as required. You can even design and import your own marker if you wish.

  • Tracklogs

A tracklog is an ordered a recording of a path (track) you have actually travelled. locations which have been sent to the OMN software from the GPS inside your phone/tablet. More information about tracklogs can be found here: What is a GPX File?

Most modern GPS receivers will provide updated locational data to OMN many times per second. If we record all of that data, the tracklogs files will become very large very quickly, and also become hard to work with as a user with too much data in a list to scroll through.Not really of specific interest to the user I feel.

OMN resolves this by filtering the data. You can choose to record trackpoints on a time interval, a distance interval, or a combination of the two. The default setting are to saves a trackpoint is a combination of every 60 seconds or 25m travelled. Tap the parameter window to select your own preference.

You can therefore For example you can set OMN to only save a trackpoint to your track every 60 seconds, or you could decide to only store a point if you have moved at least say 10m. 

Each new tracklog is saved into its own GPX file with a time and date as part of its name. The final setting on this page is a The default folder name into which all the tracklogs will be saved inside the is 'My Tracklogs' and is saved in the GPX Manager. Settings allows you to change this name. If you record tracklogs on multiple devices it can might be sensible to use using a different folder name on each tokeep the tracklogs filed separately will help identify their source.

(In general I would suggest always referring to 'you' or 'your' rather than 'the user'. The latter is rather sterile and not a 'friendly' word. Its like when answering the phone, the Brits often say 'who is that?' whereas the Americans tend to say 'who is this?' - more accommodating, inviting and friendly...)

Hope this helps


PS Glad you are enjoying Brazil - a great experience. Learning a second language is really good and might open up opportunities for your son in the future. Make the most of it - the year will soon go!

Hi all,

1.02 is on the way. I will be back to this thread shortly.


Can I use Test Flight on non-Beta registered devices, such as my iPhone or mini-ipad please?  David

@Tony - thank-you. Sorry for the delay in getting the edits in place.

@David - yes you can.

We are close on the next iOS beta.


Hi Graham, Is the next iOS beta likely to fix the issue I have with map selection scrolling? Ernie

@Ernie - we are looking at that one. We believe it came from a tooling update.

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