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Android Beta 35

Hi all,

This should find its way to you via Google Play and a link from an email from HockeyApp if you have subscribed.

Not much to see different here. I'm fairly confident I've killed off another few bugs, and a few that I'm less sure of. Basically I'm still hunting down stability. So please keep submitting the crash reports - I am diligently working through them.

We weren't requesting the highest accuracy of GPS fixes from Android, so I think Google Services at times may have been throwing up less than perfect data. Strangely enough it can even obscure the data to protect your privacy, so even though the GPS may have a very accurate position, it may well move it before it passes it to OMN unless we set the right permissions.  I'm hoping this is the zig zagging that has been reported a few times resolved.

@Andrew - I'm expecting no change for you with this. I will be looking into that very soon.

You can download from here:

Many thanks,


This beta works fine but the "save" /editing in GE  is still messy wrt saving/not saving.
One observation, I have been caught out at times with forgetting to set my map data to "SD Card". Can this be highlighted in capitals?


@Cliff - once you setup to work on the SD Card - it should just keep it. I'm not sure where you were thinking we should put this in capitals?

We have some more work planned for GE. 

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