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OMN 2017 Update September 15th

Overall, the release of OMN 2017 so far has gone very smoothly


OMN PC appears to be working very smoothly. We have a few people with issues with older graphics cards, but apart from that we have a list of requests which we will be getting back to very soon.

macOS appears to be in much the same situation as OMN PC, although there are a few more crash reports coming in. We will be getting onto these shortly.

OMN iOS – this has been very resilient and appears to be working very well. The main issue appears to be large map downloads, where if you let OMN drop to the background, then iOS can often close the OMN app down. In fact, code is already in place, if you leave OMN as the foreground app, it will stay open and complete the downloads. However, we have been hard at work to make background downloads a lot more robust, and this should come to beta very soon along with a few other fixes.

Android – this has been a very mixed bag, but we are making concrete progress. It is now available via the Alpha Channel on Google Play.

Let`s start with the good news on Android, on launching subscriptions, downloads of the beta went up. And then once we popped it onto Google Play, the downloads went up. We now have a lot more people using it that the original beta group – which is great.

That new group however has certainly raised new issues, and we have been diligently working through them. Stability is certainly now much improved, but we still have a number of important issues to resolve. We are still putting a lot of time into Android, as we do wish to get this released as soon as we sensibly can.


Overall, with everything considered, I’m happy with how this launch has gone. We have a long list of bugs, improvements and irritations, but for the vast majority of people these can just be worked around and the product is appearing stable and very usable.

We are in fact doing less fire-fighting and reacting right now than I would have expected given the changes, so that is very positive. So, what we are doing now is putting our blinkers, getting through one set of issues from start to finish, getting that launched, and move on to the next. It`s going to take some iterations and so your patience if you are waiting for something is much appreciated.



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