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Android Beta 36

Hi all,


***PLEASE – open up My Maps and do a SYNC. Quite a lot has changed, and this should update everything.



· Cultural bug where we would not start up on a device set to some foreign languages (Dutch was the example problem 0.5 vs 0,5 type thing.). Fixed.

· Grab Handles on Edit have been re-instated. Still some tidying up to do here on tolerances on selection.

· Find not working after moving maps to the SD card – fixed. You might need to move your maps back to internal and back to SD for this to get picked up.

· Trackpoint accuracy was getting messed up by being translated via the current map type. If you were on a course map type, with say each pixel being 25m, it meant each trackpoint got snapped to a 25m grid! It’s now getting parsed directly as it should not get snapped at all. Fixed. Many thanks to @David and his screenshots + I know a few others have helped with this one as well.

· Settings->GPS Markers & Tracklogs has a new checkbox – “Add the accuracy of the GPS fixing to trackpoint comment field.” Which gets correctly formatted to feet or metres.

· Can’t change map whilst map is centred on GPS location – fixed.

· Can’t use Find Place whilst map is locked to GPS – fixed.

· Some further crash report fixes to hopefully improve stability further.

· A lot of improvements to the background map download work. You should be able to set off large background map downloads now. I can now on my phone set say GroundRanger downloading and just leave it to work through all 10 maps whilst the phone is closed.

· Pause/Resume on downloads have been removed – I don’t think it was used much – cancel / download gets basically the same result. Some simplification to help with background downloads.

· Verify will now verify partial maps – it no longer fills in gaps, but just checks each map tile is the size expected IF we have it locally. If it’s wrong, it will download the replacement tile. This should therefore allow people to verify partial maps that with map streaming are now a common occurrence.



Next, I’m going to have a deeper dig to try to work out why we can no longer run up on some users devices.

You can download from here:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Many thanks,


Thanks Ian. To be clear though, this reported size anomaly does NOT affect my OMN working with my large SD card. It just adds confusion. Roger Hazlewood
Hi Graham, Firstly, just submitted a crash report. The crash occurred when changing coordinates from Lat/Long to UTM. I have seen this before but a while ago. The reason I changed coords was I've been playing with "Find". On OS GB Find works well for me but on IGN France not so good. Find by Lat/Long does work. Find by UTM doesn't accept the coords and the OK button doesn't activate. Find by Nat Grid Ref is obviously a non starter and I assume there is as yet no gazetteer so Place, Road and Postcode are non functional. One small point, when a Find returns no resulfs the INFO button should be absent or disabled. One oddity. This phone has only purchased IGN 25k maps (on SD card). When I went to My Maps all my purchased and subscription OS maps were listed as downloadable. When selecting any of them the only options offered were Download and Cancel, no View. To View a streamed map I first have to start the download then cancel it. After that reselcting that map then offers View. (Oh, and I still dislike green text on orange, really difficult for some people with red/green colour blindness.) Any news on when/if IGN will move to streaming/subscription? Steve Lunn
Hi Graham, Went for a walk today, fired up the location services, high, then opened beat 0.36 and selected the GPS location button. Whilst the location services is acquireing the location the app is frozen, I’m unable to move the map. Once it’s sorted it functions correctly. Started the walk and tracking after a short period I opened the phone to use the camera, OMN froze. Restarted and restarted the tracking, when we had finished the walk the app was frozen, no track recorded. Samsung S 7 edge. I’ve used this before with previous s betas OK. Ernie

hi chaps,


The next beta is up at


I'm hopeful that will resolve the Find issues being reported.


@Steve James – would you mind trying the Find Place and the white tile issue on your main memory. I’m wondering if you have a performance issue on your SD card.


@Ian – I agree, county/Settlement makes more sense, so I will get that resolved. I think the SD card memory issue you have now resolved.


@George – the reset is in the next beta.


@Roger – thank-you.


@Paul – your first point, I have popped on the list. We can probably reduce the requirement to two characters – I will check that. You are after an exact match checkbox – I’ve put that on the wish-list. Regarding the three pound signs, I think we have more important issues right now, if you really wanted to search for that, what result were you expecting? Search on mobile is complex due to memory limitations, on a PC, you can just load it all up, throw is around and really interrogate it how you like. On mobile, we have to use a number of sorts across the file, and your three pound search probably traversed the complete dataset.


@Mike – I’m certainly not 100% certain that we don’t still have some issues in this area, but things for me on Android are feeling pretty solid. A simple test might be to install the beta on internal memory and try the road atlas product download – it won’t use too much memory and would take the sd card out of the equation. As you say if OMNC is showing the same issues, it does raise questions. I presume on your PC for OMN 2017, everything is fine? I ask in case it’s an account issue.


@Steve Lunn - do you have a few examples that aren't working for you for UTM? Are they working on the PC for you? If you have a full IGN package, you should have a IGN gazetteer available, but you will need to change to a French map before it will kick into action (same issue you have raised a number of times.). Can you check the View Map issue on the next beta – there have certainly been changes in that code, but I couldn’t see the issue on my phone on the latest code. We have some outstanding tasks around colours. Regarding IGN subscriptions, as I said before it’s on my list, but it’s quite a way down – getting Android live and getting features in place which are being requested is my current top priorities.


Many thanks,





Hi Graham,

The "three pound signs" search was a fall out from the additional random character
I had to add to "A1" in order to get Search to work. I just wondered what would happen
if I threw three random characters at Search. I could equally have used "^.*". As this
is a Beta version, it can sometimes be useful to throw unexpected input at an app.
Had the app crashed, then a fix would have been needed. The fact that it whiled away
for several minutes might suggest that user input would benefit from some level of
vetting. There may be some who might try out wild card characters to build a Search
argument to see if that works, which may perhaps crash the app. TBH, I didn't know
what to expect from the "£££" Search. I thought perhaps it would quickly fail but it did
return results and that seemed a bit odd.

Paul Whitfield


Thanks Paul. Point taken.  Graham

Graham, Sorry I didn't reply before, but I can cofirm that OM 2017 and OMC are both fine on the PC. I Have subsequently loaded ver .41 and it does not seem to have the same problem. See comments on v.40 & v.41 threads. Thanks. Mike

@Mike - thanks.

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