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iOS Beta 1.02

Hi all,


First up, I’m trying to distribute this via Apple’s TestFlight app. Its new to me, so I’m learning as well.

Basically, I can upload a build, and it gets distributed via the TestFlight app which you can install from iTunes.

So please search for TestFlight on iTunes, and install it.

You should also I believe soon get a invitation from TestFlight - I’ve not sent this yet, as I wish to get everything else in place first.

When we are happy with a TestFlight release, we can push it to the live iTunes channel.

I’ve taken the complete list of email addresses from HockeyApp, and pushed those across to iTunes, so you should get an email notification when iTunes is ready with the build.

Before an app goes live on iTunes, Apple have to sign-off on it. For TestFlight the inference is they may or may not test it, so I’m not quite sure yet how long between releasing it to this channel and it being available to install. I guess we are about to find out.

***PLEASE – Once you are up and running please open up My Maps and do a SYNC. Quite a lot has changed, and this should update everything.



· Cultural bug where we would not start up on a device set to some foreign languages (Dutch was the example problem 0.5 vs 0,5 type thing.). Fixed.

· Grab Handles on Edit have been re-instated. Still some tidying up to do here on tolerances on selection.

· Trackpoint accuracy was getting messed up by being translated via the current map type. If you were on a course map type, with say each pixel being 25m, it meant each trackpoint got snapped to a 25m grid! It’s now getting parsed directly as it should not get snapped at all.

· Settings->GPS Markers & Tracklogs has a new checkbox – “Add the accuracy of the GPS fixing to trackpoint comment field.” Which gets correctly formatted to feet or metres.

· Can’t change map whilst map is centred on GPS location – fixed.

· Can’t use Find Place whilst map is locked to GPS – fixed.

· Some further crash report fixes to hopefully improve stability further.

· Verify will now verify partial maps – it no longer fills in gaps, but just checks each map tile is the size expected IF we have it locally. If it’s wrong, it will download the replacement tile. This should therefore allow people to verify partial maps that with map streaming are now a common occurrence.

The other major change is in map download.

We now queue the tiles to download up with an internal Apple system. It will then just process through the map tiles that are queued regardless if we are a foreground or background process. If you queue up multiple maps, and you keep OMN as the foreground app, OMN will just work its way through the complete list.

If we are the background app, we can’t start the next map download when one stops even though its in the OMN queue of maps to download, so we pop up a notification to the user to let them know. If they then bring OMN back to the foreground, it will start the next map download by adding all the required map tiles to the queue.

As each map tile is downloaded, we are called in the background to process the download. Should iOS shut the app down to reclaim memory etc, then again, we notify the user that they need to restart their map downloads.

Apple provides a good setup for background download of data, but our structure doesn’t currently fit well with it, hence the required messages. With further work this can be improved further, but I believe this should now make map download a very robust operation.

On putting OMN in the background we now purge 70% of our map tile cache. When you come back to the foreground you might therefore see some white space whilst it loads tiles. We are doing this to be a good iOS citizen, and also it would appear that iOS sensibly when it needs memory shuts down the worst offenders, so we are trying to keep our resource usage much lower when in the background. This should also benefit us when recording tracklogs.

I have’t currently supplied a HockeyApp build - I’m hoping I can simplify my release procedures and just push to iTunes.


@Tony, I’d download the TestFlight app and it just presented the new version, 1.02, when I opened it. Ernie

Ditto. Is this worth checking or would you like us to check the app available by the other route?

I'm still very much learning about TestFlight.

It would *appear* as if we have to wait for it to clear testing, but the language makes out that we might not always have to wait, as its being distributed to known people.

TestFlight however should then give us a good stepping stone to a full release. I'm going to try to push 1.04 onto TestFlight in the next 24 hours, and see how the process goes. if beta testing of 1.04 then goes well, then it should be easy to simply release this to live on the AppStore.

Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to see how far I have walked during a walk that I am currently recording?

If this is not possible it is something that I would really like to see added at a later date.

Many thanks


I thought you just clicked on the current track log that is displayed on the map.essentially the same as clicking on a route to find out how far that is. Tim

Thanks Tim.  That certainly works on a saved tracklog.  I'll try it on a walk tomorrow.


Hi Graham,

3 days ago you posted "Hi chaps, I'm trying to release 1.02 again via TestFlight."

I realise you have issued 1.03 and 1.04 since but ...

Today I got an App update message and it looks as if there is a new formal release of 1.02.

Is this correct and is it the same as Beta 1.02?  

There seemed to be quite a few problems in the Beta so I was a bit surprised to see it on general release.

As I was doing a lot of travelling I downloaded quite a large volume of maps on the 1.01 Release version and feel nervous about "upgrading" it given peoples problems with downloads.

Can you please confirm that the Test Flight Betas will not impact on the release versions?


@Peter / @Tim – we are currently working on getting some data at the top of the map like we had in OMNC – configurable data, like current location, time, elapsed time etc.  Active tracklog data will eventually be available through that.

@Peter – the betas from HockeyApp are different from Testflight and will not affect your iTunes delivered app. Testflight builds however replace the iTunes software and so will use your mapping.

Working very nicely for me Graham. tracklog very useful when out in the hills. Just wish I could remember to turn it off when I getr back to the car ! Prepared to be patient for extra features. 

Many thanks Tim.


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