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PC Beta 1.0.23

Hi all,


A number of small items in this one:

· We should now start up on machines set to a foreign local – Dutch and German have been reported to us. Its 0.5 versus 0,5 type things in our settings files that were tripping it up. There might be some follow-on issues, but I can happily start up now in Dutch.

· Quite a few stability fixes in core code since the last PC beta.

· Estimated Time can now be set by the user.





It currently works in Km and Metres, and that doesn’t currently change with Units settings. That’s on the list.

There are five initial profiles, that are the same as OMN Classic. You can delete and make your own. As you change the values, GE and other stats on the screen will update – this can be a little slow with a large tracklog open – I was testing with 12,000 points. Sync Profiles will sync your profiles with Anquet Cloud. Sync on GM also picks this up. Currently none of the other platforms make use of this data.


It should auto-update, or you can download from here:


Many thanks,




Hi Graham,

Installed Beta over Beta without any problems.

This screen now lists the "Estimated Time" profiles as options for the Coordinates!

Settings/Estimated Time
I was able to create and apply a profile. When changing profiles, the GE window
is immediatley updated, no need to click in the GE Window. I did note that both
the Ascent and Descent parameters could be set to negative values which were
applied to the stats in the GE window.

When changing units, the method of updating the change doesn't seem to be
consistent. Sometimes the change can be done by clicking in ListView, other
times I have to click in TreeView. It seems to depend on whether or not the
GPX file or a Route is highlighted in TreeView.

Paul Whitfield


Morning Paul.

That's a little silly one - I will push out 1.0.24 very shortly to resolve that.

Some people use negative numbers - mainly cyclists who pick up time going down hill. Of course, use them too much and you get a time machine.


1.0.24 is now live. Thanks Paul.


Auto updated to 23 and then to 24 without issue.

I saw your warning about potential slowness to respond to changing the speed values.  I was looking at a 3 day walk with the gpx taken from the national trail web site.  There were about 3000 points.  I would say that OMN is too unresponsive.  If you are wanting to change a profile to adjust all three parameters it feels much faster to close the gpx file, change the profile and then re-open it.

I have to say that I wasn't aware of the speed profiles in OMN C - I had found the default good enough.   

The Motorway driving profile set at 60kph is pessimistic.

I have a variety of routes some for walking, some for cycling.  Is there a way to link the gpx file for the route to a specific profile?  How do you select your default profile for new routes?


Hi Graham,

Installed Beta over Beta without any problems.

The Settings/Coordinate options now display correctly; you've managed to untangle
time from space. Good stuff.

A request for greater clarity. I don't often need to use Reset but when I do I sometimes
get caught out with which paragraph links to which reset button. This is especially true
for the Reset Icons button. When I read the Reset Icons paragraph, I often link this with
the Reset button above rather than the Reset Icons button below. Part of the problem is
the opening word of the Reset Icons paragraph which reads "This".  The opening word
or two needs to be much more specific and needs to immediately link to the correct button.
Otherwise, I'm looking around for a button to associate with the word "This" and sometimes
make the wrong choice. For Reset Icons and Reset Styles, could the opening word "This"
be replaced by "Reset Icons" and  "Reset Styles" respectively. Alternatively, a redesign of
the Reset screen to better separate the three Resets.

Paul Whitfield


No problems found for me with 1.0.24

Just been using OMN on the PC and OS Street View is not working correctly, (i am assuming the last beta and live versions are the same at the moment). I get the downloading screen, then the screen goes white with no map. I looked at OS open Local Map and flicked back to Street View and I got about 3 tiles, the rest of the screen was white.


Hi Graham,

Downloaded and installed beta 1.0.24 to both the laptop and desktop.  No problems with either installation, both showed a new version was available from the previous beta.

It's all looking good, I did a Reset on both machines and reselected my preferred options, completed route sync OK and tested Find.

It all seems pretty solid to me with no issues to report.


@David – it’s the way the auto-refreshes of the calculations run. I’ve a task on my list to hopefully improve this. We don’t currently have a way to link a route to a profile. It is something I have been considering.

@Paul – thanks. The Settings->Reset  window has been cleaned up in beta 1.0.24

@Ian – can you try a Sync in My Maps, and then a re-index in Settings please. Then re-start OMN and see if that helps. I’ve just done a quick test on OS Streetview on my machine, and it appears to be working fine, but certainly some fixes recently could easily explain what you are seeing.

@Ernie – many thanks.



Hi Graham,


  "The Settings->Reset  window has been cleaned up in beta 1.0.24"

Do you mean the next beta, i.e. beta 1.0.25? My post was with regard to beta 1.0.24.

Paul Whitfield

The next one is up:

@Paul - yes, you are correct. Thanks.

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