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backing up my maps

I want to back up my purchased maps onto another storage device eg. USB or external hard drive so that I don't lose them.  How do I do this?

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Hi Hilary,  In OMN Classic you need to complete the following to save your maps to an external drive.


Enable viewing of Hidden Files and Folders before starting if you are not already able to view them.

From Start > type in the search box Folder Options and then select the line form the list and then select Folder Options > View and tick the Show hidden folders and then Apply and OK.

You must have a portable drive that you can use  that has enough free space for  all  your account to be stored at one sitting.

Then if you can do the following for me

Computer with all the maps on

Start > Computer > C Drive > Program Data > Outdoor Map Navigator > Long string of numbers and then right click and copy that entire folder to the external storage drive.

You have then made a backup of your account.

Kind regards,  David

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