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Getting a route to your smart phone.

I have plotted a route, on my pc and saved it.

On my android phone I have downloaded the same map area.

How do I retrieve the route I created on the pc on my android phone?

Once I have retrieved the route how do I start to navigate the once I am at the start point? 

Hi Graham, having saved the route in GE you need to complete a sync in GM.  Then on the phone open the OMN2017 go to GPX Manager and tap Sync.  Your route should then appear and by tapping that and then selecting Open it will show on the map.  Once you get to the start point just enable the GPS which will position you and then start your walk. 

Kind regards,  David

Hi David

Thanks for your e-mail. I have followed the instructions you kindly provided.

However, the on the phone the "GPX" Manager I seem not to able to find it. Where about's is it located?

I have gone through all the icons on and there seems to nothing there.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Graham, are you using the OMN Classic app or the latest OMN2017 Beta version.  I was presuming it was the latter.  If it is the Classic app then you need to tap the Information icon "I" at the bottom of the screen and then swipe the screen left to right to move through the statistics to the compass and then the User Data page.  Here tap the sync icon and then tap manage to open the list of routes to use.

Kind regards David

Hi David

Thank you for your reply.

All sorted out. I had in fact down load the classic app. I have now down loaded the OMN201, what a difference between the two apps. Absolutely fantastic.

Apologies for the mis-understanding.




Hi Graham, many thanks for letting me know. Kind regards,  David

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