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Android Beta 40

Hi all,

Google Play should when available now have a green icon.

Verify as @Paul pointed out, was in fact doing too much - it should now be quicker.

External on older devices was picking up android.omn when it should have had com.anquet.om2 in the path.

Some cleaning up on the Cancel button on My Maps and statuses.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.



Used beta 40 on a walk today.

Started OMN and then started tracklog (no other applications running).  After about 1 km opened the app saw the tracklog and touched part of the route to bring up the statistics display.  Put the phone away.  An hour later went to look at the map and found that OMN had frozen - got an OMN not responding and selected wait , after a minute and no response had to Force stop the app.  The saved tracklog only went as far as the point where I touched the route for the stats.

Started a new tracklog,  Around 9 km touched the map to view the stats and then put phone away.  This time the tracklog continued to be recorded.


Hi chaps,

Beta 44 is now up:

@David - I'm pretty confident that the saw tooth issue is now behind us. We still have something not quite right though. Thanks for your continual feedback - I think this reliability issue on tracklogs is now probably the highest priority on Android if the rest of Beta 44 goes well. 

I don't believe its another app interfering, as Android is good at keeping us separate. But something isn't right, but its also not a consistent issue which always makes it harder.

I need to think how to devise some testing I can do at my desk, otherwise the test/error cycle takes too long.

Many thanks,


Subject:- Maps not being deleted from SD card although "My maps" say they have been.

Samsung Galaxy Tab2.7  (Pt no GT-P3110) Android Version 4.2.2
While organising my SD 32Gb card to utilise the space to the best advantage for me I had to delete numerous maps from it using the "My Maps" Remove facility. But I found that the free space had not changed.
I then carried out the following.
1) Removed the SD card and deleted all files, using an external file programme,  except for a) Find Place   b) NASA1   c) 50K HD   d) OSGB   f) OSRoad map.
Inserted the card back into the tablet and checked "free space" which = 20.47GB
Downloaded "Groundranger" Using "My Maps" and rechecked the available external memory which =17.18GB available (Ground ranger used about 3.3Gb).
Deleted "Groundranger" using "My Maps". "My maps" showed that it was now downloadable.
Checked available free space and it was still 17.18 GB . Checking with my file programme showed that "Groundranger" had NOT been deleted from the SD card.
Unable to check if it is the same using the internal memory as I only have about 1.1GB spare.



Thanks Cliff, I've popped this one on my list to investigate.


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