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Android Beta 41


You are welcome to install this, but unless you are having issues with Find on the SD Card, or SD Card permissions, this is likely a backward step.

I have therefore not released it via HockeyApp.  You can download it from:

@Andrew - I'm hoping this has granted read and write access to the SD card, although I have to say on my device I got no warning or report of that - but different Android versions appear quite different.

@Steve / @Mike

If you can do a search for 'oxf'

You will get a set of popups:

These are cut from my PC, but my Nexus 6P and Galaxy S3 (internal and SD Card) gave the same results.

I am hoping you will get something different on your SD card and can tell me where....

some initial readings


An initial index for 'oxf'


some findings around oxf


Finally, some lookups. These may well be different - they are done in a parallel loop, and different OSs prioritise differently. I'm just popping up the first few results:


I look forward to your findings.



Currently I have HA (red icon) v0.41beta and GP (green icon) v0.40 installed. Both open and data transfered to external storage under paths (from File Manager):-

/root/sdcard/Andriod/data/com.anquet.omn2beta/files/Outdoor Map Navigator/pkgs/

/root/sdcard/Andriod/data/com.anquet.omn2/files/Outdoor Map Navigator/pkgs/

Both pkgs folders contain map data and File Manager refers to this drive as internal

Settings/Data lists Internal, External and Custom Drives. It does NOT list MicroSD card

When I select the Custom option in HA v0.41beta using the following drive path it returns as invalid

/root/Removable/MicroSD/Android/data/com.anquet.omn2beta/files/Outdoor Map Navigator/pkgs

OMNC uses the same path but with /com.anquet.omn/

With Custom selected Search for Drives returns

/data/data/com,anquetomn2beta/files and /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.anquet.omn2beta/files

Using File Manager deleted /com.anquet.omn2beta/ on MicroSD card

Search for Drives returns as above with /com.anquet.omn2beta being repopulated on the MicroSD card

Both /com.anquet.omn2/ and /com.anquet.omn2beta/ are being set up on the MicroSD card but without the test text file.

If I delete /com.anquet.omn2beta/ close and reopen HA v0.41beta;  /com.anquet.omn2beta/ is repopulated


@Andrew - just to say I haven't forgotten this, and I will be returning to it. Sorry for the delay.

Hi Andrew,

Possibly a long shot this one, but I did some tooling and library updates yesterday, and then suddenly it was asking for SD card permissions!

Would you mind giving this one a try:

Many thanks,



I had v0.45 installed which I uninstalled; "com.anquet.omn2beta" was removed from the external (Asus internal) and MicroSD drives

Installed OK from above (red icon) and "com.anquet.omn2beta" was repopulated but without the test text in /files/. Moved data to external OK. In settings/data only internal, external and custom drives shown. Tried the custom path, as previous, but still shown as invalid. All same as previous; SD card not recognised.

Installed, from HA  v0.47beta over v0.46beta, from above, OK but SD card not available

In Asus/Settings/Apps the following permission is shown for V0.45 (green release icon) but is NOT shown in v0.47 (red beta icon):-

"modify or delete the contents of your SD card

 read the conts of your SD card"

In v0.47 selecting settings/units crashed the program


Many thanks Andrew. I will be back to this shortly - it was just on seeing the differences, I thought this was worth a spin.

Settings->units appears an issue in the latest beta, and I will be resolving that one very soon.



R45 (green icon) auto updated to R49 via GP

SD card permissions as per the above is NOT shown in R49 (green icon)


Many thanks Andrew. That's as I would expect. I don't think we should need the permissions and hence I have removed them. Basically Google gives us access to a defined location on the SD card without requiring extra permissions - that should be sufficient for our needs.

I had added that permission to this build for you, to see if that was what was blocking the system. I will be returning to this, but if you are following the main Android thread, I'm tied up with life-cycle issues at the moment, but thankfully making good progress on that.

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