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OMN 2017 Update 6th October

Progress on code for both iOS and Android has been a little frustrating over the last few weeks – we are making concrete progress, but it’s been slow going.

OMN PC – we have released two new releases recently, adding in Estimated Time profiles and some small stability fixes. A small amount of work has been done on prepping for the new route profile window.

macOS – internally we have completed the statistics module to equal the functionality of the PC. Some cleaning up needs doing on this, before it gets released to beta.

As soon as we can clear through the issues on Android and iOS, we should be able to quickly move both PC and macOS forward.

Android – We have been putting a lot of energy into Android. A lot. It never ceases to amaze me how much more complex Android is than iOS, and it’s all due to fragmentation – 100’s of different devices running probably 15 different versions of Android. You think you have something running, and there will always be one device where it doesn’t run as you would expect.

However, whilst I can blame fragmentation for some of the issues, it’s also true to say that quite a lot of issues reported on Android have been in core code – issues that the Android beta group have picked up on, and so as we fix these, the other platforms are also gaining these fixes.

iOS – We have a lot of small fixes coming to the next beta on iOS. We have also been working on trying to make background download work much smoother, but we certainly have conflicts between what iOS will allow and the foundations of the map download system of OMN.

Just a thought about updating subscription maps via Verify... My broadband connection is very slow and hence Verify takes 'for ever'. Would it be possible to add 'Verify' to the 'right click' menu so that when planning a route a quick 'Right Click/Verify' would ensure that the map square in use is up to date? I may be asking the earth but no harm in asking! Bye the Bye; getting  on famously with OMN 2017 - a really good update particularly on the road with a smart phone. 

Hi Keith,

You should find that Verify runs quicker going forward in future releases if it is just verifying data that is currently on the machine. If it has to download data, then it will of course take time.

We have a new window partly built (its on hold currently due to other works) which lets you define an area and download just that mapping - that would be the ideal window to add verify to do exactly what you are after.

Many thanks for the positive feedback on the system.


All sounds good. Many thanks for the response.


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