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Android Beta 44

Hi all,

This beta is really the bringing together of a number of little fixes.

- Find wasn't always working correctly when data was moved to the SD card - fixed.

- On Android 4.x devices, External wasn't being defined correctly for moving data - fixed.

- Improvements to Verify.

- Map Download improvements.

- Possible fix for some white tile issues.

- Auto-save.

- Changes to tracklogs.

- Keyboard now hidden when you return to Search results in Find.

Map download - quite a few people had reported it getting to say 98% and stopping. They then hit download and it would continue and finish. We had no re-try logic in place, so if any of the say 600 map tile downloads failed, they were just lost. Hitting download again would then download them. We now pause briefly and re-try the failed download a number of times. I sill have a few issues I wish to look at where connectivity is completely lost.

White tiles - it would appear that in doing the work on Find Place not always working on the sd card on some phones, that we found an issue around concurrently reading from the same file that some phones don't like. If a tile load now fails, it could be due to us reading a different tile at the same time, so again, we just try again a number of times.

Auto-Save - I have currently turned this off. This appeared to be causing issues not just in understanding, but also to the system. This will mean that the close and close and save buttons on GE now work correctly. It will also stop the lists in GM contracting by themselves.

Tracklogs - with auto-save gone, we now save the tracklog after each added trackpoint.

Regressions: we share a lot of screen code with iOS. For iOS 11 we have had to adopt an update of our list view component. We are working through a set of issues - GE now formats quite strangely - buttons are no longer right justified. My Maps - some arrows appear to loose knowing if they should be facing right or facing down. All of the issues I have seen so far are aesthetic, but there might be some further issues. We are working through this. I also think it might be a good time to re-think the GE interface a little to make room for statistics.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Many thanks,



I would put "My Maps" as a sub option of settings (after "My Subscriptions").   

The first 5 items on the main menu are then related to things that you frequently need in the field.  The last item "Settings"  is for planning / configuration which I would think would rarely be used mid walk or ride.

Within "My Maps" I think that the process to update subscription maps could be simplified.  Currently you need to open each map type in turn (with or without going down the pkg hierarchy to find the verify option.  I would like to see a button for "update all".


Hi Graham,

My Maps crash
This morning, Beta 0.44 crashed twice while I was navigating around the "My Maps" screen.
I got the "Unfortunately, OMN has stopped" message.  A crash report was generated the first
time but not the second time. Crash report sent.

When I restarted Beta 0.44 and opened the "My Maps" screen, the green arrow
for the GroundRanger maps was pointing down, indicating that it was listing the GroundRanger
maps, but no maps were listed. When I tapped the green arrow, it pointed to the right, indicating
that the GroundRanger maps were not being listed, but the maps were listed. The green arrow
logic had been reversed. For other map types, the arrows behaved as expected. After closing
and restarting Beta 0.44, the green arrows in My Maps behaved as expected. However, on
subsequent openings of Beta 0.44, the arrow logic is being reversed for one or two map
types. It seems to occur after opening a list in My Maps and is corrected by scrolling the
My Maps screen up/down or by exiting/re-entering My Maps.

Change Map and My Maps

It makes sense to me that Change Map presents only those maps that are available for the
current location.

My Maps lists maps too and I think this can sometimes be a bit confusing for new users;
Change Map is already giving you a list of maps. Part of the problem is that Change Map is
map usage while My Maps is map management. I think that splitting My Maps from Change
Map might help to discriminate between the two map lists and between map usage and map
management. The waters are somewhat muddied by Streaming which may occur following a
map selection in Change Map, i.e. Streaming is map management (My Maps) but is being
instigated by map usage (Change Map). Overall, I see a benefit in moving My Maps out of
Change Map and it may allow additional map management functionality to added more easily.
I prefer the idea of having My Maps as a main menu item as it would be easy to find and, being
on the same screen as Change Map, it would help flag that there are two separate map
functionalities (usage and management). To my mind, My Maps doesn't sound like an item that
should be in Settings.

Paul Whitfield


Hi Graham,

My Maps and My Subscriptions
There is a typo on the My Subscriptions screen.

"Follow the link below to learn more our subscriptions..."

should probably be

"Follow the link below to learn more about our subscriptions..."

If you do decide to separate My Maps and Change Map then it may be worth considering
moving My Subscriptions to My Maps as both are about managing your maps. As with
My Maps, Settings does not seem quite the right place for My Subscriptions. If you keep
adding items to Settings that really don't fit into the category "Settings", then "Settings"
starts to become a bit ugly and begins to look more "Miscellaneous" than "Settings".

Paul Whitfield


@David - thank-you. You can on the next beta long press on the product and verify all of the maps within one product. I can see the point in having a verify all.

@Paul - the next beta is due soon, and there is a lot of changes to My Maps. These crashes may or may not be gone, but with so much having changed, we will need to see how things are.

Thanks for your thoughts on My Maps - I think more are in favour of it heading to Settings - I'm 50:50 on this, but going with the majority, so I've moved it to Settings.

I've updated the typo - thank-you.

I think My Maps needs to stay as one complete window - it can use the space. But I think some consolidation is now due between My Account, My Subscriptions and Data (which is frankly a horrible name). Reset and Re-index could also be possibly merged.

I'm currently testing the next beta...


Hi all,

Sorry its been a while, but Beta 45 is now here.


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