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macOS Beta 48 - Statistics + other fixes

Hi all,

First of all apologies for it being around 2 months since the last beta.

This actually means that there will be a LOT of under the hood changes to this beta, as the majority of our code is shared across PC, macOS, iOS and Android. Therefore as we fix a logic bug for say Android, it goes into core code. Hopefully the majority of these changes are for the better and should make macOS better. Its also true to say, that we may well get a few regressions - in which case, please do just flag them up to me.

  • Right Click in GE Change Icon has been fixed.
  • GPX Editor was named GPX Explorer in a few places - fixed.
  • macOS Help is now named correctly.
  • Time column in GE now respects time zones correctly.
  • Preferences->GPX Editor now has a lot more options such as Estimated Time, Ascent, Descent, etc.
  • My Maps has had Pause/Resume removed to make it consistent with changes on the mobiles.

It can be downloaded from here:

Many thanks,


Sorry for delay in answering. I could not get OMN to work so, guessing that the application file was corrupt, deleted the app and some of the files in the Library, downloaded a fresh copy of the application and it now works as it should. I will give it a good run-through when time allows

Happy new year all.


Anis is currently working on the Information Panel as part of the GE to equal the functionality of the PC. I’ve no ETA currently, but just to let you know he is back putting some hours into macOS.


@Dennis – IOM is on OS 50k, but not on their 25k mapping.

@Backroom – many thanks.


Getting closer:


I've just had a quick play with it, and on a first quick glance, its working nicely.

However, some other changes in core code elsewhere need some fine tuning for macOS before we can beta this.

Enjoy the weekend.


I have been running Beta 48 since release and because of other 'diversions' plus the fact that  it does more or less what I want I haven't kept up to date with further changes .

This morning it is telling me that it will stop working on 31/1/18. 

Have I missed a Beta beyond 48? Is there now a Mac version released?


Morning Roy,

A new beta will *hopefully* be along before the end of the month.

However, you can now install a release version, which is basically I believe beta 48 from

Many thanks,



my latest download (green icon) says that it is 0.47 (1) whereas the last beta (red icon) which I downloaded last October claims to be 0.48 (1), so I am a bit confused!

I have been preoccupied with other stuff for several months and have only been using OMNC on Win7 because that just works. However, I have recently opened OMN (green) several times to get quick printouts and have had no problems. 

I have no confidence in trying High Sierra as everyone I know has had serious issues with it: sounds like Apple are having a Windows 8 fiasco... ?

Meanwhile Many thanks to Team Anquet!

Patrick Marks

Patrick - for what it's worth , I am running High Sierra (10.13.2)  with OMN 0.48 and it works fine for me.



I have lots of problems with my old printer (Xerox Phaser 8560) on 10.12.6: the source programme crashes off each time I send a print. My wife's iMac is still on ElCapitan and has no such issue, but that is why I'm not keen to move up to High Sierra.


1) In GE when I hover over a route title it disappears but flashes on and off as I move the cursor around. Also when I hover down a list of waypoints the green highlighting ceases about 37 lines down.

2) When I set line thickness on, say, a 25k map and then switch to an historic 1" map the line is now very, VERY thick!

3) When I changed a icon from green to red the whole prog crashed off. I had done a lot of adjustments to lines and waypoints so maybe it suffered 'cumulative boggle'?

Best regds.,


Patrick Sorry to hear about the printer problem. Is this just OMN or all programs? What I have needed to do from time to time is to print to a PDF file then , separately print the PDF. Roy

Hi chaps,

I'm behind on replies etc, and I will catch up in the next day or so.

Beta 50 is now live.


@Patrick, you are quite right - I thought 0.48 had been released.

It looks like 0.48 never made release due to the permissions issue of the new build tools.

I'm going to have to scratch my head on that one. My desire is to move this to the App Store for release, and just have a download for betas (for which the dmg we now have on 0.50 would be ok.)

I'm running High Sierra 10.13.2 and I'm appearing to be able to work well in the tools that I use.

Printers, quite a few got left behind in one of the mac updates. 

I can't reproduce point 1, but I'm looking on Beta 50, could you try Beta 50 and let me know. Point 2 I have popped on our list. 3 - there has been a lot of core code changes in the last few months, so I'm not going to search for this one, but if you find a concrete way of breaking something, please let me know on the beta 50 thread, and we will get it on the bug list.

Thanks chaps,



'Point 1)' still applies. There are various disappearances as I move the cursor over different areas of GE. The new summary (which is good) also sometimes vanishes and comes back as the cursor moves about

Two new things:

A)  all maps work EXCEPT 50k (+HD) which claim to be downloading, but don't.

B)  Groundranger and OS Open Map Local are no longer listed.

What excellent weather for being at work!

Sorry about the printer saga - off topic.

Best reds,



Regarding A & B - can you go into My Maps and do a sync. Then go into Preferences and do a re-index. The maps should all work as before.

If you have a valid subscription for a map, then we remove any 'older' listings. Is that what you are seeing - basically we now remove the redundant information from the My Maps list.

30 degrees here! I can't complain about the weather, or if I do, its for being too hot, and I don't get any sympathy for that.



All done and all working - very many thanks.

Patrick (Happy Bunny)

30 deg? - sympathy withdrawn!

I don't get much sympathy with the heat here from my UK friends.....

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