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iOS Beta 1.04

Hi all,

This one is hopefully about fixing a lot of things from 1.03 that didn't work out.

Both the beta and live have the same icon, but we should have different names, with this being called 'OMN Beta' below the icon.

GPS - turns out iOS 11 added more privacy options, and we needed a little bit of new code to be put in place - hopefully this is back working again.

My Maps / GE / Icon Manager / GM - we have now implemented single tap to expand lists, and long tap for the menu when required. I have some further changes in planned for GE.

Map Download - lots of feedback, and lots of different issues.  Call this Take 2.

I look forward to your comments.


Hi Graham,

Another coffee consumed. Now that you have confirmed my understanding of the maps listed in the Change Map screen are indeed those available a the current location. Change Map in the main menu is properly named (as you say it does what it says) but My Maps should be shifted elsewhere to keep that screen clean.

The question then is what to do with it. @Rogers suggestion of putting it below My Account and My Subscriptions in settings would be logical. Now what to call it? I guess it could still be called My Maps since it does cover all the maps one has access to online or offline. Naming it My Offline Maps for e.g. may provoke a response of - well where are my online maps? I think then I would favour shifting it to Settings, below My Subscription and retain the simple name of My Maps.

With regard to the Cancel button. I still feel that tucked down in the corner away from the action makes it hard to spot - I think I'm not the only one to have not seen it. If its changed to Cancel All and made visible only when a download is in progress, that would be better.

I think a more intuitive flow though would be to have Cancel and Cancel All in the map download menu for each map - and remove the current cancel. Given you would be focused on a map download then thats the obvious place to go to change things.



@Roger - thank-you. You can control if streaming happens by using the Data tab in Settings, which will stop the system forcing any data download on you choosing a map from the list.

Good point - I'd not thought about that

 I can see the issue with naming of this tab. We try to keep things somewhat static across platforms, and on other platforms it also has the location that your mapping is stored in. 


The zoom level issue is on our to-do list to be looked at when changing between maps. You can actually change to a map at anytime, downloaded or not - if its not locally on the device, it will either display that streaming is disabled, or start to stream the map into place.

So less of an issue than I thought. 

Thanks for feedback

Thanks Graham,

Giving it  try - will let you know.


Just to jump in here, my maps is the only way to switch to another map type, eg from OS -> French -> Historical maps->Harvey maps. It isn't just for downloading maps. If I had French maps on my ipad and OS maps downloaded when I'm at a UK location I only see OS relevant maps,likewise if French location only French relevant maps. 

Shouldn't the functions be "Change Map" and "Download maps"

I'm not fussed with the suggestion of "streaming" because I just might want to change country..


Hi Graham,

Good and bad. I did clean installs on all devices but had to trash iOS 1.02 and 1.05b since both failed to get past the sync maps stage. So I trashed both and re-installed just the 1.05b clean. It ran ok. The first GM sync though Brough back the duplicated icons. Interestingly only the built-in icons got duplicated, the few customs ones I had re-uploaded didn't get duplicated. So I think I'll wait now for the code changes.

For info - GM sync on iOS took 1m20s and on macOS (b47) 2m40s which seems rather long given I only edited a single route pre the sync.

One point. You might recall wayback I had problems with & in the file name. Every clean install brings all these GPXs back into GM. Could this be related? I have no way of getting rid of them. Can you do that at account level? If so the folders in which these reside are My Routes, Test Folder, Test Routes, Junk Folder, Social Walks OMN2 and other routes. If these folders and their entire contents could be trashed at least that would remove one variable. Currently after a clean install I have to delete them all - but they all return on another clean install - grrrrr.

A question - I had thought you had brought back grab handles to 1.05 but I don't see them?

Cheers Graham



re my post in 1.04. maybe you been deleting folders. Possibly Social Walks rather than Social Walks OMN2? I recall the '&' file was in Social Walks OMN2. I really need to get Social Walk and its contents back. I don't have copies of these!


Hi Tony,

I will see what I can find on the database. Yes the & might be an issue on this. I haven't deleted any GPX files from the database - so if the data has synced in the past, it should be there. 

Do you have any db files left around the place? If the data was locally, its possible that it may never have synced, so if you have any db files, they might be a salvation.

I will update you later.


I have renamed all the routes with & as 'and'. I can see 1 walk in Social Walks, and a whole set in the next folder.

Please do a reset.

Your sync will be SLOW. I reset your account this am, but you already have 1200 icons on the database! We have a bug, and I need to find it, which I will do shortly.


1200 icons - thats impressive - must be all the duplicates? Fortunately I trashed the ,db file rather than doing a reset earlier today so I'll replace the new one with it. Might it bring the &'s back though? Maybe replace the &s with 'and' first.

I can't work out why all these files disappeared in the first place though - and yes there should be lots of files in the next folder down 'Social walks by others' Its just the Social Walks folder thats been affected.


Yes, that's the duplicates. Hang fire on the old db. Just put it somewhere safe.

I *think* if you now do a reset, after a slow sync, you will have the GPX files and the &s will be gone. If you put the old db back, you will put the &s back into play.


Many thanks Graham,

I have to come clean! I had previously shifted the 'missing' files to another folder. So I have them. I'll still keep the .db just in case though

Noted you had changed the & to and - thanks and have now deleted those so will be interesting to see if this has fixed it. I'll just hang fire on the icons.

Think its maybe time to hang up my binary bootsl...

Thanks again and sorry to have been a pain.


Thanks Tony. Glad you are up and running ok again. Give me a few days on the icons - I want to put the rest of this download work to bed.


sure thing - I'll be more patient waiting on sync.


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