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PC Beta 1.0.26

Hi all,


Quite a few changes in this one.

· New stats panel in GPX Editor screen

· Change Maps menu now lists maps of different map datums – which in English means that if you are on the South Coast, you will see French maps listed, and if you are on the North Coast of France you will see UK maps listed.

· Changes to core code in My Maps for download and verify – a lot of cleaning up post some fixes for the mobiles.


It should auto-update, or you can download from here:


Many thanks,




Thanks. Stats panel very neat and useful.



Yes very nice. Is there a way to copy and paste the panel?



Sync and reset seems to have fixed OS Street View for me.

Everything else seems to be working nicely.

Hi Graham,

GPX Import - French Maps

Looks great on your screen Graham! - What are you doing different to me...:-)

I have done some more testing on this issue.

1. Tried importing into version 1.0.22 that I had installed on work test PC

     Same result as home, with infinite crash log generated and no way out other than Task Manager.

I then updated this to 1.0.26 - I got further with the import this time, but still multiple crash logs.

The route is now shown in GPX editor as per your image. 

2.  Installed ver 26 onto brand new HP work laptop running Windows 10 (all my PCs are on Win 7)

Same result - crashed but route is showing in GPX Manager and Editor.

3. Synced Android 044 and tried to open route. Crashed App and had to restart phone to clear a 'ghost' screen it left behind. Even though I closed all apps, it left a transparent window behind.

4. Got home and upgraded home PC to .026 with same results as above.

So, a lot of different devices all exhibiting the same behaviour. 

Be interesting to see if any other test users have the same problem. The GPX in question can be found in the thread for 1.025 under my postings. Thanks.... 

By the way during in testing, I was having trouble syncing work PC. 

Tracked back to the fact we use proxy server to monitor internet use. 

The way I found it, was that I tried a re-set as part of trouble shooting syncing. This resulted in a "OMN needs an Internet Connection" error message. - If a similar message was generated when syncing is failing, it may help support issues to be resolved quicker

Once I disabled the proxy settings (I'm Admin!) OMN worked fine.

Might want settings to detect proxy but would only affect a few users I'm guessing

No other problems so far.

Stats screen is good. I like that you can have GE open, and the distance for route is calculated in real time.



Hi Graham,

Auto-updated to Beta without any problems.

My Subscriptions
Same typo as in Android Beta 0.44.

".... learn more our subscriptions ..."

should probably be

"... learn more about our subscriptions ..."

New GE stats panel
I like tthat the new panel displays the stats for the highlighted TreeView entry.
Not so keen on the way/routepoint stats being displayed. It seems redundant.
Way/routepoint info is displayed in the new panel as you move the mouse over
the points in ListView but you already have that info in the row highlighted by
the mouse. As the mouse is moved over the rows in ListView, the new panel
flashes between TreeView info and ListView info which is a bit distracting. I'd
prefer the panel to be a bit more static and just show the info for the last
highlighted TreeView entry. The routepoint/waypoint info is also displayed in
the new panel as you move the mouse over a route on the map; again, the
same info is provided in the box at the bottom of the map screen.

Paul Whitfield


Hi Graham,

New GE stats panel
The panel remains populated after closing all GPX files.


Paul Whitfield


Application Log info attached on French GPX import problem



(796 Bytes)

Hi Mike

Copying the table came up in another post and I have tried Graham's suggestion in the old and new versions.

Ctrl-a to select whole table

Ctrl-c to copy selection

Then Shift-Ins (or Ctrl-v) to paste into required application.

I have tried Excel and a text editor (Notepad++).

What you get is a tab delimited file with all data enclosed in "". Th file includes column headers.

This works on the PC but I don't know about mac. Maybe a mac user can try it and post what works there.


Downloaded your GPX file and it loaded and displayed properly without any problems. I am using Win 7 also.

Screenshot attached.



Le Mans.PNG
(1.13 MB)

Thanks for the reply. I wanted to copy the new 'Stats panel' not the detailed table itself.




Thanks very much  for testing that. The mystery deepens!




Upgraded without issue.

The first route I opened was created in"map my ride" and it is set to contain Track and then segment.  If I highlight on Track the stats description and values are not aligned (see below).  If I then highlight Segment the description and values re-align.

If you display a route on the map and delete routepoints from it (either on the map or from GE List view) the stats are not updated in real time.  If you close and re-open the route the stats are updated correctly.  However if you move a route point then the stats are updated in real time.  

In GM I have highlighted five routes that I want to delete.  The "Confirm Deletion" box message reads "Do you wish to delete the file 5 files ?" (sic).  It should probably read "Do you wish to delete these 5 files ?".



Like the new stats panel. I think it would be useful if the panel displayed a summary total distance/ height etc of all the routes in a file when the GPX line is selected rather than just the number of routes/points.  I often break a route file up into sections and it would be convenient to get a total distance without having to add up each leg. This was possible in Classic with nested routes, which, of course, are now history in the GPX schema.

I'd support Ian on that one. I have 10 days of GR5, and to get total I have to add them up in a spread sheet (I think).


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