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PC Beta 1.0.27

Hi all,


Lots of small changes building on the beta of yesterday.

  • Typo on Settings->Subscriptions corrected.
  • Information panel remaining populated after GPX close - fixed.
  • Information panel not updating on load - fixed.
  • Track not having estimated time - fixed.
  • GPX level, now has cumulative stats of roues and tracks in the GPX file - added.
  • Deleting waypoints or trackpoints now updates the information panel in real-time.
  • Typo on deletion of multiple files in GM corrected.

I haven't managed to reproduce @David's miss-alignment of data.

It should auto-update, or you can download from here:


Many thanks,



Hi Graham,

Upgraded without any problems.

Is there a way to  rename WayPoints that have been added manually?



Hi Graham,

Auto-updated to Beta without any problems.

GE stats panel
A definite improvement and GPX stats much better now that they show the
GPX cumulative stats rather than waypoint/routepoint count. Minor issue is
that you still get flashing when moving the mouse in ListView if a GPX file is
selected in TreeView; the GE stats panel alternates between the GPX cumulative
stats and the route/track cumulative stats.

Paul Whitfield



Upgraded to 27 without problem.

The gpx file that gives me the misaligned GE stats data is attached.  The problem is still present in this beta.




Using the gpx file that I have just uploaded when I delete track points the stats are NOT updated in real time.  Moving points is OK.

Under settings: Estimated Time - I have 5 profiles (Walking, running, cycling, city driving and motorway driving).  Each of these 5 profiles has been replicated 3 times.


Updated Ok, and stats look good


@PaulQ – on the near-term list is a waypoint editing window. This is now becoming quite a regular request, so it’s now quite high on our list.

@PaulW – I have seen the flashing issue, and have it on my list.

@David, Thanks for the file -  I can see the problem in the file – it’s got line breaks in the name tag. I’ve fixed this internally, so this should be all ok in the next beta.

I will take a look at the deleting track points not updating the stats. The time profiles duplicating is part of a larger problem that is next on my list – we are seeing it under certain circumstances on waypoints styles, line styles, icons and now time profiles. This one needs cleaning up quickly.

@Roger – many thanks.


Thanks chaps.



  1. The distance column shows to 2 decimal places so shows as 0 for anything less than 10m. Maybe all distance columns need to be shown to 3dp showing metre or 1.76yd precision.
  2. I changed the units from metres to miles but it made no difference to the GE window
  3. I changed the units from metres to miles and went back into settings. It regularly reverted back to a previous setting. I can't reliably replicate but it does it regularly (if you get what I mean).

@Steve - I had seen the () but hadn't twigged on the reason - thank-you! metres and miles seems broken on the latest Android beta as well - looks to me like something common here going wrong.

Thanks.  Graham.

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