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iOS Beta 1.07

Hi all,

This one should be available from HockeyApp.

Minor changes this time around, and I'm hoping to push this one to TestFlight, and onwards to be an actual release on iTunes.

@Ernie - there was an issue in streaming, but its now been fixed.

  • Change Map has been renamed 'Maps at Current Location' - a bit of text has been put at the bottom of Change Map screen as well.
  • My Maps has been moved from Settings to the main menu, where its now called 'Manage Maps'
  • Some minor statistics fixes in GE.

Whats next?
I think min height is often reported as zero, when it should be greater than zero.
Otherwise, next up is the duplication bugs on sync, and resolving that.


Hi Graham, 1.07 installed fine. Much more intuitive layout for maps.. All good for me. Good luck with the icons. I think you might need a user selectable setting for speed (might avoid lots of queries) before release, then go for it. Well done, Tony

Hi Graham,

Thank you, much more user friendly. I Installed, changed maps a few times, managed maps and changed to France, manage maps and changed back. 

One minor issue i noticed. go into Manage maps and expand any of the maps - I expanded GB 25K Subscription. Now collapse the list. When the list is expanded I get a black blob scroll very fast down the screen, when collapsed all of the names of component maps appear to overlay each other in a black blob below the line GB 25K Subscription before disappearing. Just looks odd..

Otherwise looking very good.


Hi Graham, Downloaded and installed OK. This all works well for me no issues downloading maps etc. The new layouts seem much more logical so far this release looks and feels good. Ernie
Graham ~ re icons duplication ~ not sure if it’s significant but it’s only the built in set that get duplicated. My custom ones are fine. Tony

Made the mistake of trying it without a reset and got some very odd results.

However after reset all seems fine . I am liking this  a lot.

Will try harder to break it  tomorrow !


Thanks all. 1.07 is with Apple now, so hopefully it will be live very soon.

@Tony – many thanks. There is always one last little thing before a release – I’ve learnt that if it’s a good step forward, release it, double round and get the next bit done, otherwise, releases end up too far apart with too many changes. I’ve a few small tasks today, but then I’m hoping to get on to the duplication issues.

@Dennis – yes, there is some sort of hosting happens on the control as it expands and contracts. It’s on our list, but quite low currently.

@Ernie – thanks as always.

@Tim – strange, a reset shouldn’t have been required, but glad it’s all running now. I’m glad you are enjoying it – strangely its now back to some nicer coding – it’s nice to be back adding features rather than bogged down in issues.

Thanks all,



Hi Graham,

Have you been working on the Icons and WP styles by any chance because the duplications now seem to have stopped?

The update of the release version installed itself from the App Store ok so that looks good.

Well done.


Hi Graham,

Went into GPX Manager to tidy up some of my test tracklogs. Deleted the first rubbish one, opened a second. Screen went white. Went into gpx editor and clicked on info for the route and OMN crashed. Tried again, crashed again. Also fails with track info. 

Tracklog causing the issue is in My Tracklogs->2017-08-31 02-50-32

It has been working great until now. I'll see what happens with this tracklog on the mac later.


Opened in Mac, attached screenshot is what GPX editor makes of this tracklog. 

coordinates are off the coast of Africa....


@Dennis - that's very interesting. I presume that track was recorded on your iPhone? I can't believe we made that location up, and yet it also got reported with an accuracy of 0 metres, hence we logged the point. We obviously need to fix iOS to display like macOS.


yes, it was on the iphone. The date it was recorded is the day after I had arrived in the USA on vacation so should have been a US location, somewhere around 41 45'43"N and 72 44'31"W. Doesn't  look anything like it... Perhaps this is the time we were trying to get tracklogs to work and dodgy points were being recorded...

As I said I was looking with a view to deleting tracklogs I had recorded during testing so may have issues


Hi Graham,

Just to let you know that I've been using b1.07(iPad) and release 1.07(iPhone) extensively over the last few days, syncing between them and macOS(b47). The icons and styles are behaving themselves as are the maps and I'm have very few problems - mostly of my own making. All feels stable and intuitive and looks and feels really good.

It can only get better as features get added and having now seen the 'Missing Features' forum, my own view is that its all worth waiting for. Your modus operandus - developing with tester input is bound to extend development times but in the end the product gets much closer to what the user wants. Its been (and remains) great to be part of that process - I recall way back 'hover to edit' and the more recently the evolution of the GPS control. I think that some comments are born of frustration - the pressure to make a good product even better. Maybe I should post there...

We appreciate your willingness to listen and your drive to 'getting it right'. Anis et al must be in there somewhere - extended thanks to him/them also.

Bottom line - hang on in! 


Hi Graham,

Please also see my post on Beta 1.05.

I think Tony and I are on the same wavelength here.

The App Store updated my Release version to 1.07 without any problems.  Everything worked very well on a 7.5 mile walk today.  I went into a pub just to check their times for meals and look at the menu.  During this time 3 or 4 spurious points were recorded, reasonably close by but clearly incorrect.  I used the Edit facility to move these back onto the correct track and it worked perfectly.  I had thought that I would probably never need this facility and this was my first occasion to use it.  It was very handy as it meant that my recorded track distance could be brought back to the correct measurement.

Still quite a few things to work on but it seems to me they have all been discussed at some point and are on your radar.  I can see why there is a request from some users for some outline plan of the features that you intend and when.  I can however see that this might create even more problems.  I was invited to do some beta testing on a Mac version of another (completely different application) software about 3 years ago.  So far the first beta has not materialised and the developer will only say it is still being worked on!  I think you are wise to be cautious on this front.  Maybe an indication of the next 2 or 3 features would help?

Thanks to all the team for what has been achieved so far.  Please keep it up.

How many more improvements could have been implemented if you had not had to spend so much time on providing well constructed responses to the vociferous few???


@ Peter - interesting - your spurious point on tracking. I haven't seen these when walking but I did spot them when driving. Maybe you walk faster than I do!!! Seriously though, I'll look again when tracking (hopefully Friday) and report back.


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