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iOS Beta 1.07

Hi all,

This one should be available from HockeyApp.

Minor changes this time around, and I'm hoping to push this one to TestFlight, and onwards to be an actual release on iTunes.

@Ernie - there was an issue in streaming, but its now been fixed.

  • Change Map has been renamed 'Maps at Current Location' - a bit of text has been put at the bottom of Change Map screen as well.
  • My Maps has been moved from Settings to the main menu, where its now called 'Manage Maps'
  • Some minor statistics fixes in GE.

Whats next?
I think min height is often reported as zero, when it should be greater than zero.
Otherwise, next up is the duplication bugs on sync, and resolving that.


@Peter - I can reproduce this, and its a bug, which I have popped on our list. Many thanks.


Hi Graham,

Happy New Year!

Whilst you have your list to hand could I suggest for later inclusion:-

On the Find screen where 'go' is included (GR, Lat/long & UTM) that 2 additional options,

Add Waypoint and go, and just Add Waypoint (the latter would add a WP but leave the Find screen open thus allowing a series of WPs to be added without the need to constantly re-open the Find screen.

As I said - for later maybe.


I have only ever used Find for Places before so Tony's comment prompted me to look at the GR, Lat/long & UTM options and I had to look really hard to see the "Go Button".  There is a lot of space on the page and I would have thought it worth making this a bit more prominent.  Until the numbers have been entered it is a pale grey and almost invisible.


@Tony - I guess just an 'Add Waypoint' would do, as you could tap on that, and then tap the Go button.

@Peter - The 'Go' button is only enabled once we have a valid set of data input. I do think some clearing up is required on some of these screens, but I think the button makes sense currently. The other option is always have it enabled, but then you won't have any visible cue that you have entered a valid grid reference - instead you would hit the button, and be told to enter a valid set of data.


'Add Waypoint' would be fine - as you say you can then use 'Go' (would 'Go' be better named 'Goto'?)

I suspect most iOS users know this, but just in case...

iOS11 changes the way in which wifi, Bluetooth and cellular is controlled. Pre iOS11 if you turned on Airplane mode then everything including GPS got disabled. Airplane mode in iOS11 now disables everything except GPS so for us OMN users we can conveniently switch into a lower power mode just by turning on Airplane whilst still leaving GPS enabled. Steve Jobs must have known...


Hi Graham,

Just to let you know I shall be out of the beta testing loop for 3 months. Off to Tasmania and back to NZ for some more walking. Look forward to getting back in when I return.

Best wishes


@Tony, enjoy your trip, Ernie

@Tony - have a great trip. It seems Android is finally coming good, which is letting us get back to the other platforms. I am in fact currently preparing the next macOS beta, and we have been working on getting the new iOS beta together - so we are finally moving forward again.  Hopefully things will have moved quite a bit by the time you get back. Have a great trip.  Kind Regards, Graham

Thanks @Ernie - shame I can't use OMN though!!


@Tony, Have a great trip.


@ Tony,

Crossing two threads...

I used to be a member of LDWA but am now a lapsed member.  My last long walk was the South West Coast Path.  That was a great experience.  I would recommend it to anybody.

Have a great time while you are away.

Best wishes


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