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Syncing "my gps data"

Just installed OMN 1.02 to iPhone 6s OS11.0.3.

Downloaded maps but can't download my GPS Data (routes).

GPX Manager shows a folder called 'My Routes' but is empty and syncing doesn't seem to do anything.

Any help/advice much appreciated.

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Hi John,

OMN 2017 doesn't share data with OMN Classic. You will need to migrate your data across.

If your issue is purely with OMN 2017, then please do let me know - I am assuming you were expecting to see data from OMN Classic in OMN 2017.

Basically OMN Classic as we now call it uses its own file format, whilst OMN 2017 uses the industry standard GPX file. What is a GPX file?

Please see the following link:

Kind Regards,


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