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OMN 2017 Update 27th October

Things are moving along nicely.



OMN iOS 1.07 appears to have resolved the majority of early issues on iOS. It’s also brought in the new Information panel into GE.



Android has continued in beta to give us stability issues on long tracklogs. We are now however making concreate progress on this.

We now have a very large set of users on Android via the Google Play Alpha channel, and the crash reports that get supplied have really helped with these issues.

We are hoping for further betas next week, and are hopeful that we will get this finally released very soon.



We should be having a further beta early next week. Nothing major in code – some small fixes. However, we have also just had a large update of tooling from Microsoft and Apple, so we have updated all of our tools and support libraries. This should further add to stability.



OMN PC 1.0.27 brought the new information panel to the GE.



What is next?

Android is the main focus. We are late in getting this released. However, quite a number of the fixes that have been made have certainly been in core code and therefore benefitting the other platforms.

We have a reasonably rare sync bug – this is next on the priority list, as frankly this needs to be fully robust. This won’t leave you high n dry anywhere, it just tends to duplicate data during sync sometimes.

macOS we have a small set of bug fixes to attend to and we need to add the Information Panel to GE.

We then need to get the new Estimated Time profile window from the PC onto macOS and the mobiles.

I believe when we get to this point, we will have all four platforms fully stable and with pretty much identical functions.

We will then start to add in new features. On the mobiles, the main request is for more statistics and the return of the mini-compass. On the desktops, the main requests are the route profile, send to GPS and editing of waypoint data such as name and comments.


Many thanks,



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