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Stats Display on mobiles

hi all,

We are currently building the UI for displaying stats on mobiles, and I would like some input. We have the basics running internally, but its raising some questions and thoughts on design changes.

Below are two images from OMN Classic on Android


  • Tap on a marker on the map to expand the stats bar (the grey bar at the top).
  • Tap on the button on the right hand side of the bar to close it away.
  • Swipe the bar to move through different setups.
  • Long click on a cell to get the list of choices.

Current thoughts:
  • button on map to open stats view - it slides into place. (same as OMNC)
  • double tap anywhere on stats view - it slides away (no need for button - a tablet has room for a button, but I always felt on a phone it used too much space)
  • OMNC printed 1 or 3 items in the stats bar and you could swipe it between configurations. For OMNB, I am thinking to start printing on the left and keep going - tablets will therefore show more data items than a phone. Landscape will show more than portrait.
  • whereas swipe on OMNC swiped a screen at a time, make  swipe now a smooth movement along a list of data fields.
  • Have an edit screen to sort and choose the list of data items.

I'm not currently concerned with what is displayed, but more how it operates. i.e. user interaction, and that fonts auto scale to fit space, it works on tablets and phones, etc. We can always add to the list of available choices later - in fact initial choices will be sparse.

Many thanks,


My preference would be to have an Edit screen, accessable from The Drop down list (as the Maps @ your location)

 a) Select the fields you want

b)  Move them left or right  using finger. Would like  the display being in the same format  as the information displayed about a Tracklog.


I mostly liked the omnc approach. I'm not convinced that OMN warrants a whole button but a slide out option (kind of half a button) in a defined corner could work. Sliding between options is good with 1-3 stats per screen. The stats need to be clear and distinct. If a list is choosable and sortable then that should satisfy most/all. Ta
Hi Graham, I’d probably favour sticking with something similar to the OMNC version. Ernie

Hi chaps,

Thanks for the feedback.

For me, OMNC works very nicely on a phone in portrait, and pretty well in landscape. Move to a tablet, and I always feel we have a lot of space and not much text.

@Cliff - I was thinking to remove the current display, and use the new stats bar to take that data in a more structured way. One place to set this up, could be in settings.

@Steve - OMNC already has the half button to open, and also a half button to close - the half button to close I always felt was a bit small, and on a phone in portrait used too much space for little usage.

@Ernie - for me the proposal is a refinement on OMNC, but do you see it as being backward move?

The main change here I see is:

+ OMNC had defined data areas, in a 3-3-1 formation. The proposal is to have a sort-able list instead.

+ OMNC swiped 3-3-1. The proposal is to have a smooth scroll. The reason for the change here is to not be in a 3-3-1 formation, but just a list that smoothly scrolls. The main advantage here I see is that we can print as much of the list as will fit which is device dependent, and the user can smoothly scroll back and forth along the list.

I had also been wondering about in the setup, defining the data to take up a large or small size, and that would determine how much space it would get printed in.


Ok I'll qualify what I mean, I much prefer the way OMN buttons work now. They impact on the map significantly less (if only by perception). You say "little usage" I guess this depends on the user. I mostly like a full map but regularly I'd open/close the stats screen. Do you mean "smoothly scrolls" cell to cell or have part cells display?

I prefer the buttons now, but I also believe its nice to close/open the stats bar, so it needs something to open and close it. It could be a menu item like we have for Edit mode. That would keep the map clean. Like you, I think too much software clutters the map with buttons.

Scrolling - I like OMNC on a phone. You see three items, you swipe, see three more, swipe see one in BIG. Having a list, would allow people to have more or less items. Scroll, I was thinking to 'snap' on finger up so the left edge starts on a full item, but I'm not sure. My other thought was to calculate how many fit in full, then add any additional to the cells and fill the screen. So if it could print 4.5 cells, make it 4, where the .5 is split between the four. So on your phone, you might get 3 in portrait, but 4 or 5 in landscape. Move to a tablet, you might get 7 in landscape or even more.


Hi Graham,

To be able to select stats from a list and to be able to scroll
them across the screen (left and right) would be useful. On the
scrolling theme, how about a ticker tape option too; might save
cold fingers on a winter's day!

Paul Whitfield



Broadly I have been satisfied with the OMNC interface for the stats bar together with an optional information screen showing more fields.  I hadn't realised that you could slide the top line to get a different set of 3 variables displayed!  

When I want to look at more than three bits of information I want to see all the fields at once.  I have been happy to use the bottom left button to toggle between a full screen of stats and the map.  I would like this toggle function to be available by a visible button rather than having to navigate a menu.  [Perhaps you could make the button visibility a user option - i.e directly visible or via the main menu].

I don't think that the half button, on the status bar, is intrusive or uses too much space.  However a double tap to slide it away would be OK. 

On my phone the full screen view information view can display 12 fields. The equivalent screen of another product that I use as a cycle computer has more customisation options.  You can select the height of each line and the number of fields displayed per line.   The font used for each field is adjusted to the available space.  Thus fields important to me e.g. distance travelled and average speed are in a big font whilst latitude and longitude are in small fonts.  I have this currently set to display 19 fields.

Looking at the list of fields available on OMNC the key missing ones for me are Total Ascent and Total Descent.  I hope they will be included in OMNB.


I think the menu button is in danger of getting cluttered/too long. David makes a good point about wanting a couple of stats or all of them (to varying degrees). I'd forgotten about the whole stats page. The whole stats page on omnc was only of use while recording but of course we'll be able to see stats of an open track/route in future.

Hi Graham,

The thing I have against scrolling horizontally is not all the information is available at the same time. Per your current thoughts, f the button (like that bit) materialised a stats page with everything I wanted to see, selectable in settings and scrollable vertically in list form if I ask for too much, then dismissed with a single action. 


I think I am just sense-checking my thinking, and so many good comments come out….


@Paul – I like the ticker idea.

@Steve – I agree about the menu, but again, we could on that front relegate some items to lower levels or even start a second menu button on the left-hand side.

@Dennis – thank-you.

@David – I don’t think you are alone in not knowing the screen scrolls, which had at one point made me think to exclude that functionality.

But you bring up a very good point about the stats screen. In OMNC the stats bar existed, and THEN we got a stats page, when really, they are very closely linked together.

We already have the work done for the fonts to resize. Its more for me at the moment about how we display information and interact with it.


How about this then:

· Small button top left of map like OMNC – opens up stats bar.

· Stats bar – 3 items only. It doesn’t scroll.

· Swipe the bar left to close it (which we can do, as we no longer need swipe to move to the next data items).

· Tap or swipe down to expand it to be full page (the old stats like page), but the first 3 items would in fact be the same as on the stats bar. i.e. the stats bar is just the top row of the information screen.

· Tap or swipe up to take it back to 3 items again. Or swipe left to close the stats bar.

Right now, the stats page could have a defined setup of additional data like OMNC does, but we could in time move on to format that.

I guess an extension of this design would be for you to drag as much of the stats screen into view as you wanted – 1 row, 2 rows, etc, with the map filling up the rest of the screen.

However, in many ways, I like the simplicity of tap to expand, tap to close.


Evolving. Thoughts?



Hi Graham, I very much like the idea of Simpilicity, this always scores highly in my book. Ernie

Hi Graham,

I too like simplicity. So you tap to get 3 items and then swipe down to get the remaining items so instead of 1 action you have to do 2. I like the tap to open, tap to close,  approach..



I also like the simplicity of your modified approach.