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Stats Display on mobiles

hi all,

We are currently building the UI for displaying stats on mobiles, and I would like some input. We have the basics running internally, but its raising some questions and thoughts on design changes.

Below are two images from OMN Classic on Android


  • Tap on a marker on the map to expand the stats bar (the grey bar at the top).
  • Tap on the button on the right hand side of the bar to close it away.
  • Swipe the bar to move through different setups.
  • Long click on a cell to get the list of choices.

Current thoughts:
  • button on map to open stats view - it slides into place. (same as OMNC)
  • double tap anywhere on stats view - it slides away (no need for button - a tablet has room for a button, but I always felt on a phone it used too much space)
  • OMNC printed 1 or 3 items in the stats bar and you could swipe it between configurations. For OMNB, I am thinking to start printing on the left and keep going - tablets will therefore show more data items than a phone. Landscape will show more than portrait.
  • whereas swipe on OMNC swiped a screen at a time, make  swipe now a smooth movement along a list of data fields.
  • Have an edit screen to sort and choose the list of data items.

I'm not currently concerned with what is displayed, but more how it operates. i.e. user interaction, and that fonts auto scale to fit space, it works on tablets and phones, etc. We can always add to the list of available choices later - in fact initial choices will be sparse.

Many thanks,


Hi Graham, Walking and thinking (they go well together!). I very much like your idea for the stats bar. You suggest a small button top left to display a 3 cell strip. I did wonder whether a narrow translucent tab top,left which you could swipe right to show the strip? Then as you say swipe left to remove strip and swipe down to show a full stats page (effectively dropping down over the map). I like it - it’s very simple - much more elegant than a separate screen as on OMNC. In terms of editing a cell, I wonder, a long press on the cell to bring up a list of options (maybe scrollable to cope with the number) would be entirely consistent with the long press on the map to add a WP or start a route. The suggestion then of tapping the mini compass to morph it into a full sized (translucent) one lying over the map would again be consistent with the notion of overlaying the map. Tony

@Tony / @Steve – that did make me smile. Without upsetting current political correctness Morph is one of the few childhood characters we can still talk about! A couple of years back I had the pleasure of watching the series with my little boy. Oh ok, I made him watch them so I could…

@Tony – I think we are quite close to what you have been considering. Like you I wanted long press for selection, but the control we are using doesn’t current support it, so we are using double tap currently, but we should be able to move to long press early next year apparently.

The compass idea I also like.

I’m going to try to get this into beta fairly soon so I can gain further feedback.



Got to be done! For anyone that hasn't come across Morph.....

Morph on YouTube


That's my morning blown away.....

Whilst morphing seems to have stopped play (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it!) I've been thinking a bit more. Seems to me a better way would be to tap on the mini compass to reveal the big compass, then tap the mini again to hide the big one. This would mean one could still pan and zoom the map with the big compass showing. My original suggestion was to tap the big compass to hide it but then the actions panning and zooming might be 'seen' as a tap. So no morphing just a tap to reveal and second tap to hide...


Ahhh no Tony, you've inadvertently (and brilliantly) reminded us of our childhood. As for the compass then I agree it needs a definitive closure action. It'll still Morph now in my head anyway. Thanks

So, its a brown plasticine button that we need....

I'm mixed about the compass button. Originally I thought yup, hit it, it goes full screen, hit it again, it closes.

But I've also been playing with orientating the map - the games library can do that fairly easily, although I get some fun maths to work out what tiles I need when we are at 38 degrees.....

So I had been thinking about a mini compass, and you tap it to align the map or not. But we can't have the button having two usages!

If you are suggesting a brown plasticine button then you'll not have a problem as it will Morph as necessary...... 38degrees, forget the fun maths, just have a solid buffer from the centre of the map :-)
3way button loop? Once for align, twice for full, third for back to mini. That way no one will miss it. Alternatively short/long press but that feels awkward.

Will I be able to get a bearing with only a mini compass?


I've lost something here - Graham, what do you mean 'tap it (mini compass) to align the map'? The way I have used the mini in the past is to turn the device until the mini point up the map - the map is then aligned to north. Are you suggesting something different?

@steve - 3 way loop sounds clever and would work I think

Morph (my new handle)

@Morph - you orientate the phone to line up with the compass. Instead we can detect that the phone is pointing say East, and simply rotate the map on the screen to line up.

Graham - I like that! so in effect you would have:-

(picking up steve's idea)

1. no tap - just turn the device to line up the map

2. single tap - map rotates on screen to align

3. double tap - big compass revealed over map

4. single tap at any time hides big compass (if visible) and returns to state 1.

Will the mini auto compensate for local mag dec, or are you thinking of having a manual / auto setting for it?


Just anticipating down the line. So where would HUD fit in? ie the map orientates to the direction travelled. Fixing the map orientation, via android it is easy to fix the orientation to portrait but not landscape (is that a need, low priority for me)

@All I'm locking this thread and moving to part II of the conversation:

@Morph / @Tony - I don't think the compass will interfere with the stats bar, so I'm going to duck this conversation for the moment. I get the feeling the mini compass will be bottom left, and will also work as a button.