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OMN PC Beta 1.0.28

Hi all,

Really a maintenance release.

  • Start-up code has been cleaned up whilst resolving issues for Android.
  • Some display issues of the new OS Vector Map Local maps have been resolved. I think this may have also been evident at times on OS Street View.

It should auto-update, or you can download from here:


Hi Graham,

Had a a bit of problem installing this time. Not OMNB fault though..

At first, OMNB reported another install was taking place, but did not give any more detail.

So, tried a re-boot and this time the OMNB install routine told me that Sophos was still installing and did I want to stop this. Once I said yes, OMNB installed fine. 

Sorted AV out after, and all is running well now.


Thanks Paul. The anti-virus software's seem to flag anything new as a potential threat, then after a few people say its ok, we get through ok. 


On the 16th November Windows update installed the Creators edition of Windows 10 (version 1709).  Now when I try to start OMN I get a Windows message "This app can't run on your PC.  To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher."

My OMN PC Beta is version and that runs - but prompts me to upgrade to 28 which I will currently resist.

I failed to find an earlier version to install.  However I have used the msi picked up from your anquet,com website and removed then re-installed production version  This has loaded OK.


@David - I updated to 1709 today, and OMN 1.0.28 is running fine for me. I then uninstalled, installed 1.0.27 and that ran ok. I then let that auto-update, and that also ran fine for me. Its a one machines test, but all ran fine.

Would you mind trying again? I can't think why we shouldn't run on the Windows 10 update, and I don't believe we have any further reports of this, but then most people won't have updated yet.

Many thanks,


Downloaded and installed Win10 1709.16299.64 on 21Nov. Used 1.0.28 a few times without any problems



I note that you have announced the 1st December OS map updates and you are now publish a map that shows the areas that have been updated.  However to me the main benefit of a map subscription is knowing that at all times your maps are up to date.  I therefore started a verify of the OS 25KHD maps.  

I wanted to see the grid reference of the OS squares that had been updated so I brought up the OS GB map.  This started displaying the South of the UK.  I pulled the map down the screen to get to Scotland.  The repainting of the map was excruciatingly slow.  The verify stopped incrementing the counter on the HZ square.  According to Windows task manager the CPU utilisation of OMN was 60% and there was virtually no network traffic.  The GPU utilisation also went up to 25%.   Eventually the map was completed and the verify counter started to be incremented again.  The CPU utilisation dropped to 54%and the GPU dropped to 5%.

I have a 4 processor (8 thread) intel 6700K processor and an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 video card.  My maps are stored an SSD drive with a Sata interface.

The verify process appears to be very CPU intensive.  I presume that the system is calculating a checksum for every tile and comparing the calculated checksum with the corresponding value on your US server farm.

To go through such a compute intensive and very slow process just to check that you have the most up to date tile does not seem very satisfactory.  I would have expected that the local system would contain 

a record of the issue date of each tile (or the previously calculated checksum).  That status file would then be compared with the equivalent on the US server farm to then trigger just the verify process for the out of date tiles.

I believe that to keep subscription customers happy the quarterly map update process needs to be simple, robust and reasonably quick.  As an example a Phone sat nave application that I use for all of Europe has an annual map update.  It takes about 15 minutes elapsed to refresh their maps.


@Andrew - many thanks.

@David - a new PC beta is on the way very soon. Its not doing any check-sums, but simple maths. However, I believe there is some interference between streaming, tile loading and tile downloading/verifying. This has been reported on macOS, and has come to a head on Android, thus I have over the last few days been cleaning the core code and restructuring, and it will beta first of all on the PC.

Verify should be quick if the data is up-to-date. It simply won't complete though in 15 minutes, as if lets say 10% of data has changed, that's still GB's of new map data to download. However, it should be a painless operation, and just trundle through....


Hi all,

1.0.29 is now available:


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