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Android Beta 54

Hi chaps,

Regarding the ongoing tracklogs fun and games:

+ there was a logic bug in recovery from a crash, which I believe is now resolved.

+ @Paul - your device crashing on coming awakening the device whilst recording a tracklog - I could see some logic which might be the cause, so I have updated that. I would be interested to hear your findings.

+ A startup issue which I am addressing on another thread has a fix in this beta.

I have not yet investigated the Info button crashes in GE.

However, we also have the new Statistics interface initial work in place .....

Statistics Interface

This is a game. We don't want to do too much work, find its not working and loose the development time, yet we have to do enough so you can use your imaginations to fill in the gaps.... so there are plenty of rough edges. Try to look at the big picture for the moment.

First up, none of the data is real. We are simply looking at how we interact with it.

Top left is an icon (which would need replacing).

You can tap on it, to expand it.

You can swipe on it (but currently you have to finger down, move, finger up within the confines of the button) - we can improve that.

You now have 3 data fields. Text isn't quite formatted correctly, but it sizes to the space it has.

Double tap on any item, and you can change it. (I would prefer long press, but currently the library we use doesn't support that - apparently it will early next year.)

None of your settings are remembered between sessions currently.

Swipe down and it goes full screen. (I think it should just be enough for the data, leaving the map showing)

You can now either swipe up to contract it. Or swipe left to close it.

If you swipe left whilst its expanded, the next time you open it, it will still be expanded.

For my liking its coming together - its fluid, and works nicely. Part of me does want to put the button bottom left so I can tap once to see it, tap again to close it. But then I think most of the time I would have the small bar in place anyway, so on balance I think I like it as it is.

I sometimes find swipe down brings in the Android/iOS notifications area.

Feedback please.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Many thanks,


Hi Graham,

Installed Beta 0.54 over Beta 0.53 via hockeyapp without any

Following the blue screen on startup, Beta 54 now displays a grey screen with the
blue wait circle before displaying the white screen and then the map.

Off to do a tracklog recording.

Paul Whitfield


Installed via GP. Looks good. I like the fact that if you swipe left from a full stats screen next time you get the whole page. It's ready enough to swipe l-r or u-d. Nice. Shame the library doesn't do a gradual slide to extend or retract as I think these look great, they also make things more intuitive as you can see the element grow or shrink.


Installed from Google without issue.

Looked at the stats interface - it will certainly work for me.

Initiation.  Either a tap on the top left icon to open and a tap on the stats to close or  swipe on the icon to open and swipe on the stats to close.  Currently effectively have to tap to open and swipe to close.

Swipe down for the extra fields is intuitive.  Like you I agree that the map should remain displayed if the stats don't cover the whole screen.  I presume that we should be able to continue to record tracklogs, move the map etc whilst the extra stats fields are displayed.

Double tap to change the content of a field is OK if you decide to go ahead with the change,  If however you decide not to change it is not obvious how you return from the list of fields to the stats display.  The Android back button worked - but this is normally used to close OMN.  Do you need a cancel button (field) as well as the different field names?

I will try the tracklogs tomorrow.


"leaving the map showing" agreed, there will need to be the option of an 'empty' cell. If a user chooses to only have 3 rows rather than 4 then the stats area should size accordingly.
Hi Graham,

Tracklog test
A one-hour walk with tracklog recording parameters 10m/30s.
I turned the display off at the start and turned it on/off at three
further points on the walk in order to pause and then immediately
resume the tracklog recording, resulting in one tracklog file with four
segments. The trackpoints provided an excellent record of the walk.

Segment 1
This was the longest segment (21 minutes). Beta 53 crashed when
I turned the display on. On recovery, I paused then resumed tracklog

Segment 2
This was the shortest segment (9 minutes). Unfortunately, this was
inconclusive as I had, at some point, inadvertently turned the display
on but, at least, it hadn't crashed. I paused then resumed tracklog
recording at the end of the segment.

Segment 3 and Segment 4
These segments were 18 minutes and 14 minutes respectively.
There were no issues when turning on the display to pause and
resume at the end of segment 3 and to stop the tracklog recording
at the end of segment 4.

Certainly, Beta 54 seemed better than Beta 53. The test was reminiscent
of the last tracklog test I did with Beta 52, with the one crash (Beta 54) in
place of the one ANR (Beta 52); both segments covering the exact same
part of the walk.

Paul Whitfield


Hi Graham,

Tracklog GPX file
The tracklog GPX file that I recorded with Beta 54 did not cause a crash
when accessing INFO in GE. Neither did it cause OMN-PC to crash when
opening GE. Though, the Beta 53 tracklog GPX file still causes a crash.

Paul Whitfield


Hi Graham,

Stats interface
The stats interface works fine for me.

Agree with having the map showing for the extended stats.
How about a transparency option that allows the map to be seen,
to a greater or lesser extent, through the stats window.

Agree with others that there should be a cancel for the change stats list.

If you tap to expand, should you not also be able to tap to close? I have no
idea what is considered good practice regarding taps/swipes/pinches etc.
Is it your intention to start with double tap to change an item and then
change to long press when that becomes available next year? Some
may find such a change annoying.

Paul Whitfield


Graham Ran tracklog whilst at home for about 3 hours. When I looked at phone could see track on map (from poor accuracy GPS readings). Tried to tap track to see stats. OMN crashed log sent -Google at 23:30). Restarted OMN track visible but crashed again when I tapped track. Further restart and this time closed tracklog. Log was closed and appears OK in GE. David
Graham Set track logging to record every metre. Start tracklog going. Turn phone off and back on then tap or double tap on or near displayed track causes OMN to crash. Repeatable. David
Graham More on tracklog crashes. Start tracklog. Wait for first point to appear on map. Tap tracklog to bring up stats banner then OMN crashes. If you pause tracklog and then tap map it is OK. David
Opened beta 54 this morning after it updated from Google play automatically on my s7 edge. I noticed there was a track log on screen, it had a straight line from where it had stopped, (via a crash?) To my current location. When I checked it seems the track log was still running. The track log was from the 14th Nov and the app hadn't captured anything until now. Zoomed out and app stopped responding. Feedback sent. Checked track log after restart and all the points were from the 14th, apart from the last one which was from today, 16th.


0.54 installed fine. It is an improvement to last one since I haven’t had start-up issue which I had experienced.  I also had a freezing screen on 0.53 whilst running a tracklog (tracklog did survive though) . Early days on this beta so  will report back if I get any anomalies…  Regarding new interface, this is working fine though I don’t like the loss of screen real-estate:   I’d like an option  to  remove the 3 line icons (or their replacements)   and interact with virtual locations; I’d also like control of data field format – how about option of making  background  transparent?




An observation. If  I do a ‘Find ‘ and try and display  a place on a purchased map  which is at a  different  scale to   ‘Maps at current location’  I get a white screen – surely better for the app to display the place using an available scale than nothing at all?  Or, if there is no purchased  maps available state that?


Hi Graham,

Tracklog test
This time a 44-minute tracklog recording of a trip that consisted of a ~4-minute
drive followed by a visit to two shops followed by a ~4-minute drive. As usual
I started tracklog recording and turned the display off. The tracklog recording
parameters were set to 10m/30s.  I put the Android device on the outside of my
rucsac and I kept the rucsac with me all the time. After the trip, I turned the display
on and the map was frozen at the start location with the GPS marker and GPS icon
(red/green) displayed on the map. The notification bar showed the Anquet icon and
the Location service icon. I got an ANR message and waited several times (in total
about 30 minutes) before quitting. On recovery, the map displayed the trackpoints
which looked exactly as I would have expected. The was no GPS marker displayed
and the GPS icon was grey/grey. The notification bar displayed the Anquet icon
but no Location service icon. The menu listed tracklog options "Pause Tracklog"
and "Stop Tracklog".  GE listed the open tracklog file and tapping the INFO button
caused  Beta 54 to crash. A crash report was generated. Crash report sent. On
recovery, stopped tracklog recording but the notification bar still showed the
Anquet icon. The tracklog file was still open in GE and the trackpoints were
displayed on the map.  Again, in GE, tapping on the INFO button caused
Beta 54 to crash. Crash report generated. Crash report sent. On recovery,
the notification bar showed the Anquet icon. There were no trackpoints shown
on the map. The menu listed tracklog option "Start Tracklog".  There was no
tracklog file open in GE. In GM, I opened the tracklog file and was then able
to use the INFO buttons without Beta 54 crashing. The Anquet icon remained
in the notification bar until I exited Beta 54.

Paul Whitfield


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