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Android Beta 54

Hi chaps,

Regarding the ongoing tracklogs fun and games:

+ there was a logic bug in recovery from a crash, which I believe is now resolved.

+ @Paul - your device crashing on coming awakening the device whilst recording a tracklog - I could see some logic which might be the cause, so I have updated that. I would be interested to hear your findings.

+ A startup issue which I am addressing on another thread has a fix in this beta.

I have not yet investigated the Info button crashes in GE.

However, we also have the new Statistics interface initial work in place .....

Statistics Interface

This is a game. We don't want to do too much work, find its not working and loose the development time, yet we have to do enough so you can use your imaginations to fill in the gaps.... so there are plenty of rough edges. Try to look at the big picture for the moment.

First up, none of the data is real. We are simply looking at how we interact with it.

Top left is an icon (which would need replacing).

You can tap on it, to expand it.

You can swipe on it (but currently you have to finger down, move, finger up within the confines of the button) - we can improve that.

You now have 3 data fields. Text isn't quite formatted correctly, but it sizes to the space it has.

Double tap on any item, and you can change it. (I would prefer long press, but currently the library we use doesn't support that - apparently it will early next year.)

None of your settings are remembered between sessions currently.

Swipe down and it goes full screen. (I think it should just be enough for the data, leaving the map showing)

You can now either swipe up to contract it. Or swipe left to close it.

If you swipe left whilst its expanded, the next time you open it, it will still be expanded.

For my liking its coming together - its fluid, and works nicely. Part of me does want to put the button bottom left so I can tap once to see it, tap again to close it. But then I think most of the time I would have the small bar in place anyway, so on balance I think I like it as it is.

I sometimes find swipe down brings in the Android/iOS notifications area.

Feedback please.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Many thanks,


Hi Graham,

There's a typo in my first tracklog test report.

Segment 1
This was the longest segment (21 minutes). Beta 53 crashed when
I turned the display on. On recovery, I paused then resumed tracklog

should be

Segment 1
This was the longest segment (21 minutes). Beta 54 crashed when
I turned the display on. On recovery, I paused then resumed tracklog

Paul Whitfield


Hi Graham,

Stats Interface
How about the ability to save item configurations and recall a configuration
rather than having to set up the configuration each time. You could setup
different configurations for walking, cycling, etc. which would then be easy
to recall.

Paul Whitfield


Chaps, I will come back with comments a bit later.

However, on the Stats Interface, could I please ask you to see this thread

On Stats:

@Steve – the library does in fact do scroll in / out, but on Android it was very jerky. iOS was smooth, but on balance, I choose to turn it off.

@Paul / @George / @David – many thanks.

From the feedback and ideas, my feeling is the underlying design here works for most people. So, my thoughts from here are let’s keep it simple and get it working and into production as a first stage. What is nice, is once it is, we can come back and look at a multitude of different options – different size cells, different setups, animations, etc.


I’m back on tracklogs very shortly. Thanks.

Hi Graham,

Startup time seems to have crept back up. Beta 54 takes ~11 seconds.
I'm sure it was around ~7 seconds in earlier Betas.

Paul Whitfield


Hi Paul,

Some changes have been made in startup. I will take a look.

Would you mind taking a look at this build:



Graham, A change of subscription has led me to try verify but it doesn't work for me. It's very slow and dies after several hours. Should this be working now? Regards George

Hi Graham,

Installed via Google Play with no problems.

I felt this beta was a little slower on startup. The first time I opened it, it did not respond for around 20 seconds. Just feels a little slower in use as well, but still fine to use.

I like the new stat window, runs very smoothly on my S7

Agree that transparency would be nice



Downloaded and installed over beta53 without problems. Like others, I have found that tracklogs are usually complete, but the app sometimes crashes when the app wakes up. In addition I have noticed that if ONM loses the focus for any reason, (eg screen saver blanking screen, moving to another app) whilst the OMN screen is displying a sub-menu, and then moving the focus back to OMN, the 'back button' at the botton of the screen does not close the open submenu, but asks if you want to exit OMN. This occurs both with PS and HA. See attached screenshot. Mike
Samsung Tab2.7 Android 4.2.2
Tried to install over beta 53 (Hocky download). Machine totaly crashed. Had to switch off machine then re-start. Uninstalled Beta 53 and then was able to load B54. As on other various Betas my antivirus, AVG, did not like OMN. Chose to ignore and it installed fine.


Hi chaps,

The next one is up:

I will come back to the comments.


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