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Controlling when OMN updates


please, please, Please, PLEASE can we have an option in settings that gives us control of when and how all version of OMN update.

The usual options will do: never, manually, automatically.

As Graham knows, I have had so much grief down the years of OMN updating inconveniently, such as:

- just when I start it up to do something urgent and important it hangs;

- updating onto an operating system for which it is incompatible (without OMN checking first and ending up screwing the machine);

- updating to a version with features I don't want when I am happy with a setup on a mostly 'offline' machine.

And so on. It's nice to let your users have some 'agency' in these things ...

Thanks. P

I don't believe we auto-update anywhere.

On the PC, we offer to update, but you can refuse it.

Mobiles, its done by the app stores - you can set your own personal settings in the app stores via Apple or Google.

On the macOS, we don't yet have an update system, and we have requests for a system to notify them of updates.

Many thanks,


Hi Graham,
Understood, but maybe clumsily explained by me.

The first thing OMN seems to do on my offline machines is to try and connect to see if there is an update - and hangs for up to a minute.

I would like a settings option that says "Do not look for updates" to stop this happening.

Thanks, Patrick


Hi Patrick,

Ok understood. I've popped this on the list, as frankly it shouldn't be holding the system up. Its the same code on mobiles, and they won't always have a connection either.


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