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Android Beta 56

Hi all,

Quite a few loose ends in this one, but also hopefully some good forward progress.

  • The statistics calculations have been re-worked - these were causing some of the crashes inside GE.
  • More lifecycle work for Android.
  • Startup - its likely to be slightly slower. I will come back to this. It would appear that the map was being presented to the user *before* some background tasks were finishing, and this had been leading to ANR's on users interacting before things were in fact fully ready.
  • Back key exiting I believe is now fixed.

Overall, I'm hoping this should for tracklogs be much more stable on coming back from being closed in the background by Android.

The stats bar has moved forward considerably, but is certainly not finished - plenty of loose ends here still.
  • It now just expands to fill part of the screen, and leaves the map showing.
  • Grid Reference and Time now update - but the update is not very smooth yet.
  • The information bar has currently been moved to be above the buttons at the bottom. It needs some more work, but was plainly wrong being above the stats bar.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Enjoy the weekend,


Hi Graham,

Tracklog test
I've be running OMNB with battery optimisation switched on;
which seems to be the default for apps. I did the same walk as for
the previous Beta 56 tracklog test using tracklog parameters 10m/30s.
I turned off battery optimisation for OMNB, Android System and Location
Services. A usual, the walk started with tracklog recording on and the display
turned off. The battery optimisation configuration made no difference. The
display was turned off for four sections of the walk, varying in time from 10
minutes to 20 minutes and all resulting in a frozen screen and an ANR when
the display was turned on.  On recovery from the ANR, Beta 56 successfully
picked up the tracklog recording and the trackpoints were shown on the map.

If the display is turned off, then, if Android detects that the device is being
"handled", the Lock Screen is briefly displayed (on my device it shows the time
and date, battery usage and an unlocked padlock). However, during the walk,
even with provocation, the Lock Screen did not show just prior to turning the
display on. Could this be related to the frozen Beta 56 screen and the ANRs?
As a further test, I continued the walk with tracklog recording on and with the
display turned off but handling the device every minute or two which caused
the lock screen to display briefly each time. After 26 minutes, I turned the display
on and no frozen screen and no ANR; a first for Beta 56.

Paul Whitfield


Hi chaps,


@David – Time and Grid Reference work currently. Its coming together, but not finished yet. Likewise the info bar, I agree about, but I wanted it out of the way. I think it does have a use, as what It presents is different to the Stats bar. The stats bar is about the GPS and tracklog, whilst the info bar is information about something you have selected.

@Paul – I believe I have a fix for the tracklog not recording when the app freezes. I’m still not sure why its freezing, but I have managed I believe to further separate the recording process and the main app.

Your second test I think is very telling. I think we now have the tracklog recording pretty stable, but what is not stable is on something in the background of Android – at some point we are getting put into a DEEP sleep, and I don’t think we are rousing from it correctly. Some people aren’t hitting the DEEP sleep, others are hitting it at a later point in time. Your ‘agitating’ your phone has most likely meant we avoided it.

@Roger – many thanks. Similar result to Paul.

@Ian – thank-you.

@Mike / @Roger – stats bar is very much a work in progress.

@Cliff – the black boxes are on the list – we will be on to that pretty soon I hope.

@PaulQ – many thanks.

@Ted – many thanks, similar results to others.


Many thanks,



B56 Switched phone screen on this morning and it showed B56 map & location where I must have left it last night. Pressed home to do something else briefly, finished that and pressed OMN icon and it went through the blue start screen as if it had been previously shut down normally but the display was an earlier map type & location. Ted

Chaps, the next one is up:

@Ted - thanks, sounds like Android shut us down, and we didn't save our settings.

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