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iOS Beta 1.09

Hi all,

Quite a few loose ends in this one, but also hopefully some good forward progress.

  • Pinch Zoom should be back working.
  • The statistics calculations have been re-worked - these were causing some of the crashes inside GE.
  • The stats bar has moved forward considerably, but is certainly not finished - plenty of loose ends here still.
  • It now just expands to fill part of the screen, and leaves the map showing.
  • Grid Reference and Time now update - but the update is not very smooth yet.
  • The information bar has currently been moved to be above the buttons at the bottom. It needs some more work, but was plainly wrong being above the stats bar.

Many thanks,


As you described but no dummy data in the boxes. Is that right ? Tim
Hi Graham, Downloaded and installed OK, all seems to function OK, as Tim says no dummy date or headings in stats bar? Ernie

Hi Graham,

updated to 1.09. 

Stats bar appears but there is no text in any box, just solid grey. ahh, double tap each box and select from list 



@Dennis, well done, works well and looks good. Ernie
Well spotted !

Hi Graham,

1.09 installed fine.

Info strip now at the bottom is fine and the values in the data strip and screen are much better now they are bigger and bold - and they seem to be retained when selected from the list. I guess you will need an 'empty' in the list to clear a cell's contents. Much better now the map remains in view.

The control seem just the same so my previous comments still apply:-

Swipe the menu does not work for me. I have to tap it. That being the case a cleaner option might be to delete the menu and just tap near the top of the screen to show the data strip. Leave the swipes for the full screen as they are. they work well.

The interval setting in Tracklogs still seems to be broken - set record to 'every X metres' and, once a tracklog starts recording, the setting resets itself to 'x metres and 5 seconds'. 

Otherwise looking good!


@Dennis - we’ll spotted - completely fooled me.

1.09 Installed fine on iOS 9.3.5.

I found it interesting to see how much longer it takes to show the map on 9.3.5 compared with 11.1.1 on a newer iPad Mini.

It took me a while to realise that swiping down gave me four lines on the grid.  Having put Maximum speed in one of the lower grid spaces there seems no way of clearing it.  Swiping up reduces the lines to one but once open there seems to be no way of closing the stats bar.  Is this because the stats bar hides the menu icon?



swipe left on the stats bar will close it on mine but only if you swipe in either of the right hand 2 boxes. 



Thanks Dennis.  That works for me too but for all the boxes provided I leave my finger on as I swipe in the left hand box.  A quick swipe does not work though it does for the other boxes.


Hi Graham,

More on tracking. Yesterday I tracked a 30km walk. Tap Start Tracklog and tracking is fine (foreground or background). Because I can't get rid of the 5sec time interval I was forced to use pause. After resume tracking works fine whilst OMN in the foreground but in the background (asleep) tracking stops. When you wakeup the iPad you get a straight line from where it went to sleep to the current loc. Leave it in the foreground and tracking is ok, put it to sleep again and tracking fails.

So I stopped tracking and restarted it. Tracked fine both in foreground & background, pause and resume and tracking failed in background. This happened almost every time - only once in 5 or 6 pause/resume tries was tracking successful when OMN put into background after a Pause.

This issue does not occur in the release version. I know you have made some changes to how tracking now works and I wonder if in some way the Pause/Resume procedure got overlooked. 

I will continue to experiment to see if I can see a pattern and report back.

@Peter/Dennis. I can swipe left in any of the 3 cells to hide the data strip. What I can't do is to swipe right on the menu button to reveal it. I have to tap it.


Hi chaps,

Many thanks.  I'm working to get the next beta together, as we have now quite a few different options for the stats bar now.

@Tony - I can reproduce the Pause Tracklog issue, so I will try and get that fixed as well.


Hi all,

Beta 1.10 is now available:


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