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Android Beta 57 / 58 - more stats and tracklog work

Hi all,



Stats basic function: Tap on the button top left to open stats. Swipe left to close, or swipe down to expand. Double tap on a cell to get the list of options.

Stats now has the following options:

Accuracy - Reports GPS accuracy.

Altitude - GPS altitude

Direction - Direction of travel

Distance - length of current tracklog. Currently this does NOT also add on the distance from the last trackpoint in the tracklog to the current GPS location. This is on my list to get altered. So distance will only update as each trackpoint is added to the track currently.

GPS Reference - the location reported by the GPS

Speed - speed reported by the GPS

Time - hoping I don't need to explain this one.

Vertical Accuracy - again reported by the GPS, but I have only seen zero on my phone. Its either very very accurate or I have a bug somewhere! Is anyone getting a sensible value?

I think there is still some finessing required. Turn off the GPS, things don't blank currently. I also believe there is some 'stacking' up of data, in that if you stop walking, it takes a few seconds for speed to drop to zero. I think we aren't processing data as fast as its coming in, so we probably just need to drop some values.

Overall though this is taking shape now, and the updates to the screen now feel smooth.



Some large changes which I am sure are for the better. Will they fix the reported issues, on that I just don't know....

First up, I've done some automated testing of sleeping and waking the app, and I have detected and fixed a small memory leak. Certainly good to fix it, but was it enough to crash someones app after 2 hours.... its possible, but I wouldn't have thought so.

So the app works in two parts - the tracklog recording (recorder) and the main app (app). The system was set that the recorder would call the app about updates, and if the app was killed off, we get a warning, and it would disconnect. I've changed this to use the Android broadcast system, so now the recorder just SHOUTS changes, and if the app is alive and running, it hears them and processes them. The upshot is, that a crash in the app should not crash the recorder. Frankly I thought the code before should have avoided this situation, but this certainly furthers the separation. When the app starts up, if will catch up any updates its missed. This happens as the next trackpoint is added. I will try to improve this - you will currently also see this if you put the app to the background, when you bring it to the foreground, the tracklog will update as the system records the next trackpoint.

If the recorder crashes it will restart by itself. Android decides when exactly, and on my phone its about 30seconds to a minute. So if the recorder does crash, it should start back up, although you might get a small gap in the track depending on your settings or you might not even notice. Due to the current separation, the recorder takes distance / time settings when a tracklog is commenced, and won't update the settings whilst recording. This is on my list to alter.

You will also find that the recorder notification now updates telling you which trackpoint is being added.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Many thanks,


P.S. 58 got released as Menu->Edit Mode would crash the system - I had been using that to purposefully crash the system and test the recovery. Its back to normal in 58.

Graham Installed 57 from Google. Stats display. With a tracklog running a double tap on an already defined field often does not work. The Time field can take 3 or more double taps before the list of available fields appears. On two occasions a double tap closed the Stats display (12 fields) to just the top left button. This was repeatable until I closed and restarted OMN. After restarting double tap worked as expected for a few minutes. There does not appear to be a way to remove a stats field. I now have 3 speed boxes. I can change these to another value but can't make them blank. When scrolling down part of the map is displayed, but there are always 4lines of stats - even when one or more rows are empty. Altitude values are about 50m higher than OMNC. I recall a conversation many betas ago. I think you said that OMNB was simply using the raw GPS output and not correcting. OS says I am at 106. OMNC is 96 and OMN2017 is 152m. I have just had an ANR whilst switching between apps. Log sent at 15:20. David
Started track log and put phone in pocket. Checked 10 minutes later and got a black screen for about 20 seconds then the map appeared with track log. Put phone in pocket again and opened the phone about 45 mins later. This time a map appeared but no track log. The app said the track log was running. Stopped the track log and it appeared on the map.
Same issue as David 're no way to empty a stats box. Also the issue of double tap closing stats menu, rather than giving a content choice. However I find if I 'drag up and close the stats boxes, then 're open the menu, I regain the correct double tap control, without closing the app. Roger
Hi, good progress. Emptying a stats cell is needed. Also how can you easily handle hiding an empty row? Settings>>display>>rows shown, then an integer 1-4?
Hi Graham,

Installed Beta 0.58 over Beta 0.56 via hockeyapp without any

The speed field sometimes goes blank. I think this is happening
when the speed drops to zero. It can result in a flashing field which
is a bit distracting. Perhaps, though, a flashing value might be useful
for user-defined limits/tolerances.

It might be useful for users to be able to define how many items
they want to display and to display that number of boxes only. This
would save map real estate from being blanked out with empty

Tracklog test
Early days, but looking good for tracklog recording.
A short walk with the display turned off for 24 minutes. When
I turned the display on there was no frozen screen and no ANR.
The display did show the map location for the start of the walk
but the map was then redrawn for the current location and the
trackpoints were displayed. I hope to do a longer walk tomorrow.

Trackpoint numbering
The numbering of the trackpoints in the tracklog needs sorting out.
Beta 58 seems to start the trackpoint numbering from the last point
of previously recorded tracklog. I had one tracklog numbered from
1 to 164. The second tracklog with trackpoint numbering: 1, 165, 2,
166 to 332. The third tracklog with numbering: 333, 1 to 175.

Paul Whitfield


I like the stats 'overlay' screen, but the overlay concept surely fails if more stats boxes are added? It then becomes a separate stats page, as per OMNC?. Not sure transparency solves this either but Good progress. Roger
What I think I want is a stats button. Bash it for full screen stats, on/off. Swipe it right for an optional one line persistent overlay of personal pet stats. Roger
Perhaps I could show the stats playback screen of my favorite skiing app. This has a split screen display. As you drag the track data timeline left or right in the bottom pane, the blob moves along the track in the top map pane. You can this see exactly where you did that Max'd out speed! A very clever display. Roger

Hi Just installed Beta 58 - when I tap the top left menu bar I just get a grey band across the top. If I sweep down the band just gets wider. If I sweep left or right I get nothing. Also has now frozen phone.

Will reboot and see if I can get a screenshot


Tony (Plymouth)

(1.59 MB)
Attempting a tracklog on way home to Edinburgh. App incredibly slow, not really useable, but after 5 or 10 mins it wakes up. Had ANR at 13.45. Log sent rogerh. Leaving app running, and getting a track, but too slow. Roger Hazlewood
Hi Graham,

Tracklog test
A 2-hour walk with tracklog recording parameters 10m/30s.
The walk was recorded as one tracklog file with four segments.
The segments were created by pausing/resuming the tracklog
recording. The display was turned off for each segment. For me,
this Beta is definitely an improvement on recent Betas with regard
to tracklog recording but there are still issues.

Segment 1 (22 minutes)  
Trackpoint numbering: 1 to 166

No frozen screen and no ANR when I turned the display on.
On switching on the display, the map showed the segment
start location and within a few seconds had jumped to the
current location but no trackpoints. After ~15 seconds, the
trackpoints were then displayed. Such a delay will likely be
a bit confusing for first time users and may, possibly, annoy

Segment 2 (28 minutes)  
Trackpoint numbering: 1 to 201

Similar to segment 1, except the map screen flashed white a
couple of times before showing the current location.

Segment 3 (31 minutes)
Trackpoint numbering: 1 to 224, 224, 224

When I turned the display on, I got a white screen with trackpoints
followed by an ANR. I quit Beta 58 and on recovery the current location
and the segment trackpoints were displayed. The last two trackpoint
names had the same numbering as the third last trackpoint (224).

Segment 4 (~30 minutes)
Trackpoint numbering: 225, 1

After recovery from the segment 3 ANR, I resumed tracklog
recording. I was outside a shop which I entered after resuming
the tracklog recording. I was in the shop for 5-10 minutes before
continuing with the walk. At the end of the walk, I switched on the
display and there was no frozen screen and no ANR. I stopped the
tracklog recording and saved/closed the tracklog file. Up to this point
I hadn't checked this segment's trackpoints but, when I re-opened the
tracklog file, segement 4 contained two trackpoints only; both with the
same time and position, which coincided with the start of the segment
4 recording. The first trackpoint's numbering (225) followed on from the
numbering (224) of segment 3's last trackpoint.

Paul Whitfield


I did eventually get a track from the lakes to Edinburgh, but the app was incredibly slow, with frequent freezes. I had to close it twice. 110 miles, 5600 pts. One issue on the stats, the speed value is wrong. At 70mph it only recorded 15mph. There was no data in the max speed box. Roger Hazlewood

Hi all,

Ok, certainly still some issues, but also some good forward progress.

I’ve made good progress today, but not quite ready for the next beta. Speed issue was the stats page continually running too much maths deciding what size fonts to use, and updating too frequently.

@David – I think the double taps weren’t working, as it was simply in a loop re-drawing itself too much. The height adjustment is on my list, but a little way down currently.

@David / @Steve / @Roger – we do need a way to further refine the number of rows and remove data selections.

@Ian – this beta redraws on adding the next trackpoint, hence the delay. The next beta has this fixed.

@Roger – I think the overlay works, it just needs more work – add enough rows, and it becomes the old stats page and will cover the complete map. We just don’t have those settings yet.

5600 pts is a decent size track. From a fresh start, no GPS, and load the track, the system is responsive on your phone still?

Speed – I’ve been seeing similar, I noticed it yesterday whilst in the car. That’s on my list as well, although I get that straight from the GPS library!

@Tony – double tap on one of the cells, and you can set it. We need a default setup which we don’t currently have.

@Paul – encouraging to be moving forward. I have in fact found some more issues and fixed them today. I will be looking at the numbering issue tomorrow morning I hope.

Regarding segment 1 - The update on the app coming to the foreground will be in the next beta. Regarding segment 2, I’m not sure if the fix for 1 will resolve the white. I *might* know what caused the segment 3 issue, and I feel that the segment 4 issue was just a follow-on issue from 3.


I’m going to keep concentrating on the stability and usability. Then I will turn to incorrect values and how to update the interface further.


Thanks chaps,




Hi Graham, just reloaded the track, with no gps. Yes it's now responsive. I though it was marginally slower, so I closed the track., but there was no discernable change, so yes, fully responsive, no problems. ..... I did then 're open the track, put on the gps and started another track. I think the app was then slightly less responsive, but still ok, nothing froze. Roger Hazlewood
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