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iOS Beta 1.10

Hi chaps,



Stats basic function: Tap on the button top left to open stats. Swipe left to close, or swipe down to expand. Double tap on a cell to get the list of options.

Stats now has the following options:

Accuracy - Reports GPS accuracy.

Altitude - GPS altitude

Direction - Direction of travel

Distance - length of current tracklog. Currently this does NOT also add on the distance from the last trackpoint in the tracklog to the current GPS location. This is on my list to get altered. So distance will only update as each trackpoint is added to the track currently.

GPS Reference - the location reported by the GPS

Speed - speed reported by the GPS

Time - hoping I don't need to explain this one.

Vertical Accuracy - again reported by the GPS.

I think there is still some finessing required. Turn off the GPS, things don't blank currently. I also believe there is some 'stacking' up of data, in that if you stop walking, it takes a few seconds for speed to drop to zero. I think we aren't processing data as fast as its coming in, so we probably just need to drop some values.

Overall though this is taking shape now, and the updates to the screen now feel smooth. The interface needs some fine tuning, and then we have some options to add.

On Tracklogs, the Pause/Resume bug reported by Tony has been fixed. I've not looked at the metres/distance bug that was reported, although that might have been fixed by other changes made for Android.



Hi Guy,

We are now working on getting the next beta ready.

You can download the live version from the app store - although it can't share map data with the beta, but will work independently of the beta.

I've been working on the beta today. Its progressing well, so I'm hoping to beta soon, although I'm pretty sure this next beta will have some rough edges - there is a lot of new code, and of course quite a few new features coming in.


Hi all,

iOS has come together very quickly.

I have therefore put 1.11 to HockeyApp this afternoon.


Thanks Graham

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