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Android Beta 59 - More on Stats and Tracklogs

Hi all,

It would appear that the last beta was certainly forward progress.

On my phone, this one appears a further big step forward.

There were three things that were hitting performance, which have all now been resolved:

1. Stats bar was updating far too often - it now updates twice per second.

2. Stats bar was almost fully recreating itself on each update to scale the font correctly, yet a lot of the logic was not required.

3. We were in certain circumstance ending up with multiple background threads recording multiple tracklogs - which were all updating the main thread leading to some confusion in trackpoint numbering, and also a performance hit.

I've also managed to eek out a bit more performance from the draw routines, so things feel slightly smoother for me now, and a LOT smoother if the stats bar / tracklog recording was in use..

On coming to the foreground we now update the tracklog straight away.

I'm still seeing the odd freeze on coming to the foreground, but it appears much better and much less frequent for me.

I haven't looked at the issues of the stats figures for speed, altitude and vertical accuracy yet.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.


Many thanks,


It was either the opening zoom or close, I don't remember exactly. Ted
Graham OMN V58, Samsung A5 2017 Started tracklog. Switched off phone. OMN didn't reload after switching phone on, got the blue screen after pressing the OMN icon. After blue screen got a white screen with about 80% of the tracklog displayed. Maps took about 30sec to display. In tracklog mode. OMN response to coming to the foreground is very slow when it has been in the background for 30 sec or more. Often I get a black screen after 10 seconds and nothing else happens. I have to press a button to get the screen back and then use the OMN icon or the switch application button. This usually works second time. There is no response problem when not in tracklog mode. Nigel

Hi Graham,

Installed from GP with no problems.

Definitely better performance for me, with large gpx files performing well now, before they were sluggish.

Managed to crash it while long pressing on large route -  report sent. 

Stats bar performance very snappy 

I'll try some track logs tomorrow.



Hi Graham,

Installed Beta 0.59 over Beta 0.58 via hockeyapp without any

Good progress with the stats bar. It seems a lot smoother now.
Vertical accuracy always shows as zero.

Tracklog test
A definite improvement on Beta 58. Trackpoint numbering
is now correct. No crashes and no ANRs. No problems with
basic tracklog recording. Same 2-hour walk as Beta 58, recorded
as a single tracklog file with four segments. The display was turned
off for each segment and each segment was between 20 and 30
minutes duration. The segments were created using Tracklog
Pause/Resume. Tracklog recording parameters were set to

At the end of a segment, when I turned the display on, it took
~3 seconds for the display to settle down; at least a five-fold
improvement in the delay time compared with Beta 58. Initially,
the display shows the "start of segment" location before redrawing
the map and trackpoints for the current location. The screen typically
flashes white once or twice during this settling down.

Paul Whitfield



Installed from GP without issue.  Have run a 10 hour tracklog without problem.


Track Logs

Ran a track log overnight to see how app would behave - Still running in the morning and the track started recording as left the house to walk the dog.

Stopped the track and started new track. Good result, but walk was only a mile long.

Distance stat working nicely, with the accuracy looking about right.

App crashed when I browsed Icon Manager, no log generated


Good result with v59, pause, resume all ok. Wake-up time much shorter so it does not feel like a 'freeze'. Speed stat I know is not fixed but for Info it seems out by a factor of 4x. Roger Hazlewood
V59 Ran a tracklog walking to town. Switched phone off. Screen recovery after leg 1 (1hr) was fine. Paused tacklog. Started tracklog to come home. Got home. Switched off. Pressed OMN icon. Blue screen for 30 secs before displaying route and map, but no points recorded for the return leg. With the status bar open. When I switch to landscape and then back to portrait, close the status bar: the icon to bring the status bar back has vanished. It reappears when I switch back to landscape mode. All other aspects appear fine. Nigel

Hi chaps, well this is certainly looking better.

@Ted – thanks.

@Nigel –The blue screen is OMN re-loading itself, that isn’t an issue if the tracklog was still recording – if it was, you should see the notification in the notifications area. Which version of Android are you running? It sounds like on your phone, the tracklog is recording fine, it’s just the performance on coming back to the foreground which is the issue?

Android has a light sleep, deep sleep, and frankly it can close us down. Then when you click back, if it has closed us down, it shows a photo of us as we were before we were closed (this is often why people report seeing the map of where they were before they turned the screen off) and then re-loads us.

On coming to the foreground with no GPS running, or GPS running, the only differences are: starting the GPS up if we aren’t recording a tracklog, and secondly, copying across any recorded waypoints whilst the app was not in the foreground. If you push OMN to the background, with GPS off, and come back in say an hour to it having played with other apps (which is likely to use memory and hence Android will close down OMN), your speed of re-opening is completely fluid?

Yet the tracklog into town was fine. Can I just check you only have OMN installed once? You don’t have the GP and the HA versions both installed? I ask, as you paused the tracklog, then ‘Started’ to come home, whilst it should have been ‘Resumed’. Sorry it sounds like I’m being pernickety, I’m not meaning to, but I’m trying to understand what happened. When you got home, and turned on, , the blue screen looks like it was loading up from not running – and you then found a second segment in the tracklog, but no points recorded?

 @PaulQ / @Roger / @David – many thanks.

@Paul – I think we have the crashing issues behind us now. I will take a further look at the lifecyle work to see if I can further improve it. I’m wondering if the slow coming back to life is somehow a stats calculation getting fired off each time a trkpoint is added to the track. I will investigate that next. I also think, if you want to move to Android 7, please do.


Many thanks chaps,




Flick between portrait and landscape and you can get some good effects with the stats bar. It's not recalculating width/position at the moment.
Galaxy Tab 2.7 Android 4.2.2
Installed, over 58, using hockey without any problems.
Only did a static test but all seemed smooth. Longer test tomorrow.
Like the Stats display but have a suggestion for those of us who can't remember for more than 2 mins. On the Stats display have the selected update Time and Distance automatically displayed.


My previous post... This isn't happening on my tablet but is on my Moto G.
Hi, can you confirm start to expect in the start, pause, resume, stop tracklog sequence? I'm getting ANRs but I'm not sure it's doing the right thing anyway.

Use tracklog over 3 hour walk  today, didn't mess it about with pause or working in background but stopped and checked route, changed zoom and scrolled around map during walk. Stopped tracklog at end, saved, cleared and reloaded and everything worked as wanted. No attempts force issue with running other apps or too much chopping and changing admittedly. I am sure if you try hard enough it will crash/freeze but progress in last two betas is great. Fingers crossed it is meeting my need now. Thanks Colin.

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