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Android Beta 59 - More on Stats and Tracklogs

Hi all,

It would appear that the last beta was certainly forward progress.

On my phone, this one appears a further big step forward.

There were three things that were hitting performance, which have all now been resolved:

1. Stats bar was updating far too often - it now updates twice per second.

2. Stats bar was almost fully recreating itself on each update to scale the font correctly, yet a lot of the logic was not required.

3. We were in certain circumstance ending up with multiple background threads recording multiple tracklogs - which were all updating the main thread leading to some confusion in trackpoint numbering, and also a performance hit.

I've also managed to eek out a bit more performance from the draw routines, so things feel slightly smoother for me now, and a LOT smoother if the stats bar / tracklog recording was in use..

On coming to the foreground we now update the tracklog straight away.

I'm still seeing the odd freeze on coming to the foreground, but it appears much better and much less frequent for me.

I haven't looked at the issues of the stats figures for speed, altitude and vertical accuracy yet.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.


Many thanks,


Hi all,

Regarding map download, I’ve almost finished the restructure of the core code, and a PC beta will be next. The current structure didn’t suit Android services, and also, I believe there have been conflicts between map download/verify, streaming and loading of tiles. This has shown itself on PC and macOS. I then need to write the Android services wrapper code and get the next Android beta out.


@Ted – Did you use Pause Tracklog, or did you stop and then re-start? I get the feeling things are pretty stable now for a single tracklog, but either Pause or Stop/Start is still causing some issues. I have some thoughts on this which I will be investigating. Improvements to map download are on the way. I also have some improvements to startup time on the way as well.

@David – many thanks. I think we are now getting good tracklogs, but we still aren’t returning to the foreground nicely. This is next on my list after the map download work. Thanks for the pointer on height – very interesting… but at least the software must be getting a good figure, just not sure where/how we are corrupting that!

@Cliff – I presume you mean you intend to use OMN 2017 now, not OMN C? Many thanks.

@Steve – thanks. Point 3 should leave you with a grey middle, but red exterior of the button indicating paused tracklog. Resume tracklog should turn it back on, so that’s a bug which is now on my list.

@Peter – many thanks.

@George – Lets wait for the next beta, which should hopefully make downloads reliable for you. Performance wise, we map stream from the UK, but download from the US to keep costs down. Large map downloads will therefore be slower, but they should run through reliably. Let’s get reliability correct first, and then look at speed.


Many thanks,



Hi Graham Recently I have tended to just leave it running when I go out to something in the evening. However there is a definite trend showing. The phone stays afloat, I just leave it (track off) in the background & when I press the icon it immediately comes back. However on the tablet Android seems to be dumping it even over quite a short period. Which means waiting 90+secs for the blue screen. On the tablet even if it hasn't stayed afloat the tracklog is still there. Both devices are reasonably new and have plenty of space. The white screen end of track problem is far worse on the tablet, paradoxically of course at the end of the day it's the phone that will be doing most/all of the work, I just use the tablet to get more test hours, but they should work the same. Ted

Hi all,

Just to say that PC Beta 1.0.29 is now up for beta:

I don't normally notify the Android group of PC betas, but this is the core map download/streaming code changes that have been done to support Android Services. Next step which I will be starting on is the integration into Android for the next Android beta.

@Ted - I don't think I can control how/when Android dumps us. I can influence it by using less memory (which apparently means we aren't top of the list for being killed.).  However, the 90 seconds to start up is way too long. I believe part of this is due to some sync issues that need resolving.  That's also pretty high up on my list.


The PC beta has gone fairly smoothly.  Android integration has gone pretty smoothly as well. Not quite ready for the beta yet, but getting close.


I recorded a track log on a walk today.  About 80 minutes into the walk I checked the phone (several earlier checks were OK) and got an OMN has stopped error.  I did send in the logs (Google about 12:10).  When I then restarted OMN the tracklog was still open and recording.  At the end of the walk I stopped the tracklog and I can't see any discontinuity in the log.


Hi chaps,

The next one is up:

@David - many thanks. It seems the tracklog service is surviving pretty well now. I still think there is an issue around pause/resume, but I will get on to that very soon.


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