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OMN PC Beta 1.0.29

Hi all,


This beta includes some under-the-hood improvements to streaming, map download and verification of maps.

We have had some reports of issues on the PC, but the main issues reported have been on Android and on macOS. However, with the majority of our code being shared between the four platforms, we have restructured the core code, and the PC is getting its beta first.

Numerous things have been resolved:

· In some cases, map download/verify and map streaming were interfering with each other, and would get in a loop eating up the processor time and making the whole system grind to a halt.

· Map downloads and Map streaming were updating the screen on each map tile downloaded, regardless if it was on screen or not. Streamed map tiles still update the screen, but for map download/verification, we update the in-memory tile cache just on the completion of the verification/download of a complete map.

· Reduced some complexity in the draw routines. Logically it is now doing less, and I *believe* its slightly quicker, but to be honest, on a quick laptop, I’m not sure if I’m just imagining it. Slower machines, and the mobiles may well show this up.

· Quite a lot of other improvements to general logic of the map handling process in memory.


Sorry its not very exciting, but hopefully it adds a further level of robustness to the system.


It should auto-update, or you can download from here:





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