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OMN beta 1.0.30

Hi all,

Building on 1.0.29,

  • Height data streaming bug fixed.
  • GPU usage now settles back to very low usage when the map is not being used.
  • Verify and Download will now not start if an internet connection is not present, and prompt the the user.
  • Some further changes to map rendering and how the in-memory cache works.

It should auto-update, or you can download from here:

Many thanks,


Hi Graham,

Auto-updated to Beta without any problems.

Ran the verify on all the GroundRanger map data and it completed in about 10 seconds
with CPU peaking at 63%. I now get the Verify warning message if there is no internet.

I also ran Verify on a handful of OS 1:25K HD map files (NT, NU, NY and NZ) and they
were all updated to the latest version of the map data.

Does Verification simply check if a map data pacakge is up to date and, if not, update to
the latest version of the map data package? I always thought verification was about
checking data integrity, i.e. all expected files are in place and their checksums match
those of the source data, and that it should be possible to perform this off line. Does
Re-indexing perform such data integrity checking? If not, how do I perform data integrity
checking without downloading updates?

Paul Whitfield


Hi Graham,

Map Rendering
Excellent! Much better colour rendering when using line styles with transparent colours.
Thanks for implementing that.

Paul Whitfield


not sure if the last comment posted so trying again.

Installed this beta, rebooted the PC and tried to start OMN 3 times. each time I got an "OMN has stopped working" message.

@Paul - verify just checks currency of the map data. I think in many ways, this should get merged with re-index at some time which basically updates our indexes of what mapping is currently on device. Re-index just makes sure our index of what is on the device is in our index. This can get out of sorts should we get a crash during download, or you move data by hand etc. 

@Ian, can you try this link please:

But rather than deleting the files, could you keep them. See if it all starts up from fresh. Then close down, and put the 'bad' files back in place and see if it crashes again. If so, somehow we have corrupted those two files, and in which case if you could email them to support that would be most useful, as I can then write some code to catch the issue hopefully.

Many thanks,


Hi Graham,

From your description, Verify sounds more like "Check for updates".
If you do decide to run Re-Index as part of the Verify function would
you still keep Re-index so that it can be run independently?

Do you think it would it be useful to add a data integrity check function
for the map data? It could help in quickly pinning down corrupt map data
files; though I've no idea if corrupt map data files is a time-consuming
support problem.

Paul Whitfield



I presume I needed to "delete" Beta-Settings.xml and Beta-OMN.db. I did this and got the same error. So it's not those files that are the issue.

I could try and re-download/reinstall the app if that is a good next step.


@Ian - strange.  So yes, please try an uninstall/reinstall.  1.0.31 is now in fact available - the notifications haven't been set off yet, as we are still internally testing it.

@Graham, 31 installed and working. Well at least starting which is an improvement for me :-)


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