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OMN PC Beta 1.0.31

Hi all,

Building on 1.0.29/30,

Sorry for so many betas so close together. I believe this is the one that will now progress through to a live release unless it hits issues.

This beta contains further under-the-hood changes to facilitate better map handling on the mobiles.

It should auto-update, or you can download from here:



Many thanks,



I've just a OSVMLC download stop at about 98%. Verify & download then completed OK. I've also had a 25k HD 100k with an area of several square km of white and one 250m square of black. This only happens at the largest scale. Rotating the scroll button smaller scales are OK white space then returns at large scale. I've just closed OMN PC and reopened and the problem has gone away. Ted

@Dennis - I did use Parallels, which I still have installed. To be honest, I've given up it now, and just use BootCamp. Its a pain sometimes to reboot, but its a flawless experience. 

That said part of my issues were windows 10 thinking its moving hardware, and re-registration etc. Windows 8 might well miss that.

Do you actually get a map displaying? Or just get to the map screen and it dies? I've never seen a map.

Ok, I thought we were basically with the kind of Apple Style, but then a quick look at Pages, and it shows icons that replicate menu options, so I guess we can bring our icons over. The splash screen I think will be making an appearance.

I couldn't open the wer file - what produced that?

@Ted - I think its a bug - you need to turn on gridlines, and then it works. This is on my list.

There are quite a few core code fixes that we did on Android that have't been put into beta / released on PC yet. I would hope when the next beta comes, these issues should be gone.


@Dennis - the wer file did open up, it was just in the background. I'm looking at it now.

Unfortunately it doesn't shed any light on what has gone wrong.... it just seems to list the dlls etc, and not the actual crash.


Would there be somewhere else I need to look for the actual crash details? (My experience with windows is just around the use of email and office. Most development work and debugging was done in Linux.)

I never saw a map, as I mentioned the map screen appeared and just flashed  and went again. The crash was in kernelbase.dll so presumably it is in the instantiation/initialisation of the map window.

Thanks, looking forward to taking the grandkids out sledging - its going to snow...



I am using 1.0.31 production.  If I use the application and then leave it open i.e. map displayed and GE window displayed and go for lunch when I come back OMN no longer responds.  Typically the map screen is black and I have to close and restart the program.

This has happened several times.  I am running Windows 10 Pro release 1709.  The PC power options are set to never sleep nor hibernate.  The screens are set to turn off after 15 minutes but I normally turn them off manually when I am going to be away for a while.

I am also getting a number of "application failed do you want sent info to the developer" type messages after periods (about an hour) of heavy use.


Hi all,

1.0.32 is now live:

@David - Android has led to a lot of changes to core code. Beta 1.0.32 therefore contains almost 2 months of updates made to the core code, so hopefully things may be more stable. I hope you enjoy the snow - having a nice amount of rain where I am now.....


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