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Merry Christmas

Hi all,

A big thank-you to you all for all of your input this year, some high's and some low's .....

Android has been the low of the last few months, and it has certainly cost us a lot of development time. On the positive side, Android is finally coming stable and I'm liking it a lot. Thankfully a lot of the changes also benefit the other platforms.

Apart from the amount of time taken, I'm really pleased with how OMN 2017 has shaped up, and I'm looking forward to the early part of next year, as I believe the feature set will start growing again on all of the platforms.

The massively positive side of 2017 for Anquet as a company has to be how well subscriptions have gone. The somewhat controversial conversations on the forum from a small but very vocal group totally masks the up-take and conversations we have from the sales desk. The bulk of our users are still on OMN Classic, but the movement of users is now very continual and 2018 will I am sure reach a tipping point for us in that process. What I wasn't ready for was how quickly the business would move to becoming an almost completely funded subscription business - its now the majority of our monthly revenue. This certainly raises interesting questions about how we proceed.

A festive question

We covered the maths in this one a little while back in a different guise, but I came across it again, so I thought I would share it:

A hunter walks a mile due south, turns and walks a mile due east, turns again and walks a mile due north, only to find herself back where she started. The hunter draws a bead on a bear and shoots it dead. What color is the bear? Why?

A personal note

Quite a few of you probably know my family has taken a year out from the UK weather, and that we are currently in my wife's native country of Brazil. My seven year old son is at a Brazilian school, and his Portuguese is developing nicely - I am sure he will pass me this year. We have thankfully done quite a bit of travelling, both up into the mountains and up and down the coast. Distances here are just vast, we are just back from a 900km round trip to see friends in Paraty and we didn't leave the state of Rio de Janerio! Brazil has a lot of problems too often shared by the western press and those problems are very real, but what they cover less so is the many beautiful places and the warmth of the population. We certainly feel very welcome everywhere we go.

My brother-in-law has just handed me a Caiparinha, so I guess its my time to sign-off.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas,


Hi Graham and all the Anquet team, including the beta testers, just wishing you all a great Christmas and a healthy New Year. Let’s hope that the development work continues at a pace, best regards to all, Ernie
Hey all, festive greetings indeed to everyone. \r\n The beta group really does feel like a team contributing to the common good of the product. It's essentially been one of my hobbies for the past few years and to get a good product out of it shows how important I think Graham views the beta testers. \r\n I dreamt as a kid of owning OS maps of the UK, now I do and they live on a wee device that goes most places with me, how cool is that...... I recall the bear question but the 'bead' point has lost me so I'll keep my eye open for a response. \r\n Next year let's chase a fix for the lack of crlf when inputting a response from a mobile device!!! :-)

Hi Graham and all,

Have a great Christmas and looking forward to a productive New Year. All the very best to everyone, Anquet team and Beta testers alike. Great product with a great future I'm sure!!


You should be completely ashamed of yourselves as a company. 

KB care to elaborate?

Thanks @Steve, and a Merry Christmas. I wasn't expecting to be logged in today.....

KB has posted on another thread, to which I have replied:

KB - what a sad person you must be. 

Yes, possibly, Tony. It may be because of the death of my brother (who bought me the Anquet maps), about which I told you in response to the personal email you sent me. 

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steve james


KB care to elaborate?

I have been a customer and bought maps over many years. Two years ago my brother (now dead) bought me the entire country in HD 1:25,000 as a Christmas present in gratitude to my help through his illness. Now I cannot access or download any of these maps I have either bought or been bought without going through your opaque and dishonest subscription process.

The reason you are a disgrace is that (previously loyal) customers have no choice but to either give up on the hundreds of pounds paid previously (and the gifts they were given) or subscribe to your wretched firm in the long term. Even when I have decided (reluctantly) to stick with the investment I have made over many years in your firm (and my brother made on my behalf) the descriptions of what you get with the subscriptions is completely misleading.

You should be utterly ashamed of yourselves.


From: Anquet Technology Ltd []
Sent: 25 December 2017 09:57
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Hi Kevin, I can't begin to imagine losing either of my brothers so condolences. A group of us spent a lot of time and effort this year discussing the subscription model and Anquet really listened. We are all similar to you in that we've invested in Anquet over the years. We tried to get the balance between attracting new and existing customers but at the same time getting new and updated applications. You make two main points. Firstly, if you are happy with your maps and application then you do not have to spend any money, just carry on. If you want a new/better application then isn't it fair to pay? Subscriptions give you the choice of device you view the maps and even give you the option of accessing the latest versions of mapping. Secondly, if the descriptions are misleading then help Anquet improve them, let them know what/where the descriptions could be improved. Again condolences on the loss of your brother. Please excuse the informality but have a pan around your maps and find places that remind you of him. "Laughed my socks off here with him"; "he was a pain in the arse here";"I was a pain in the arse here"....... Steve
@KB. I am very sorry for your loss. I too lost someone very close to me, but as I think you know I was referring to your 1 line, unqualified post “You should be completely ashamed of yourselves as a company”. You say I sent you a personal email to which you responded. I have no recollection of this, Indeed I did not believe that Anquet gives access to personal email addresses. I really don’t want to continue this theme but would rather focus on beta testing. Tony
Hi all, As a dedicated mapping enthusiast, a long time forum member, and anquet user, I can only add my best wishes to anquet and The forum team. The forum I think is a superb and very successful project. I suspect other developers may envy the positive user inputs to OMN, a refreshing change to the more typical forum whinges or macho ' you're a twit responses'. Keep up the good work. Roger
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