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Compass on Mobiles

Hi all,

My current thinking is as follows:

  • Add a mini-compass as a fourth button at the bottom of the screen. My small concern here is that to make is aesthetically pleasing it would be the same size as the other buttons, which would possibly make it a bit small.
  • Tap the button, and the map will orientate to match the compass. Tap again to move it back to normal.
  • Swipe up on the compass, and get a large transparent compass above the map. Swipe down to close doesn't work, as I think we still wish to be able to move the map using swipe, so we will need a close button to appear when the large compass is visible.

I've also been thinking the stats button could move to the current gap on the invisible button bar, and put the mini compass bottom left, meaning that it could be slightly larger than the buttons.

We have a new Settings->Map Window coming soon to control some settings on the map screen, so my guess is we will have some configuration for how this works there, size, transparency etc

Before anyone gets too excited, we aren't starting this quite yet, but I wanted to have the discussion so I can get it planned in.

Another option is to make the compass part of the Stats bar, but I personally can't see that working nicely.

We have some time, so I'm opening this one up to ideas.

Many thanks,



We all have our different ways we do things. I always have some idea where I'm going when I set off and I sort of know where I intend to go, how far, what elevation changes, what  might photo opportunities exist  and can I do it in the time allowed. So to that extent I have predefined a route on a map so I copy the route (identified waypoints) to my GPS device. I sometimes have alternatives. I always let someone know the plan before I leave (Basic mountain safety).  

However plans do sometimes change and then you need to navigate off-piste.

I am very much in favour of retaining all points until I am sure they are of no further use to me (which would typically be at the end of the day). You are probably well aware of the difficulty of reverse following a GPS tracklog over a very boggy terrain with just a gps device and separate map (and looking for dropped items at the same time....)

Out of interest, for your navigation do you use map and compass and do you use a GPS device? Do you use  a garmin where you have to select a waypoint and goto it and then delete it as soon as you get there?

For following a preplanned route on the Garmin you select a route and then select navigate. In this case the GPS device will select the "target point" to be the first waypoint and then the next  and so on. Something similar on OMN could work.

Anyway I still like your proposal but with modifications per previous posts because we do things differently.



I wondered if the title of this entry was what you intended?  Did you mean Target Points?

Regarding keeping ‘old’ track points or not.

If the demand is to keep all Target points, then we need to see them as a collection, in much the same way as routes and tracks. We need the means to save, display, reload & delete etc.

Old Track Points are the points recorded when we create a tracklog and I certainly do NOT want any of these deleted.  I use the tracklogs to put details of walks on my website and to geotag photos.  So they are essential for me.

Thanks for clarifying your context regarding route planners.  That was helpful. I think for many Route Planning and Tracklog recording are essential tools that lead them to purchase products such as OMN.

Route Planning and indeed sharing routes with others is a fairly common practice.  There are numerous  groups such as the Long Distance Walkers Association who do this.  Their web site advertises the fact that 

  • For LDWA members the Searchable Database also provides many downloads of route descriptions, and ‘track logs’ for use with digital mapping software, especially useful for the routes not already marked with 'diamonds' on Ordnance Survey maps.These are for private non-commercial use.
I guess the nature of Beta testing is that it is only a few (very few?) aficionados who chose to spend much time considering all the options and possible solutions and it is only natural that they tend to want "all the bells and whistles".  I can't help wondering however what it is that majority of OMN users want.

@ Graham,
Do you know how diverse your customer base is?  How do the majority use/want to use OMN?
How can you prioritise the rather scarce resources available to satisfy the 
"average" user?


@ Peter,

Hi, I was interested in your ref to the LDWA. Are you a member? I'm in the Surrey Group.

You asked about how people use OMN. Mine is really quite simple. Electronic mapping is a significant advantage for me - to be able to zoom and pan. My real interest is backpacking, wild in Scotland mainly. I plot routes on OMN of a proposed path, the presence of which on the map, then readily draws my eye to my path. I may vary my route on the day and can edit the change to ref the new line.

I also track other peoples routes that I may be walking with (eg LDWA social walks). These I keep for our archives.

What I don't do is to navigate from point to point - ie use OMN as a full navigational aid. So for my purposes the only thing missing now is a means of setting the map. The mini compass would be fine but this looks to be superseded by the 'compass up' setting recently talked about.

Having said this I can fully understand why some would want the full navigational features and I'm sure these will come in due course. 


@peter, well spotted, I of course meant Target point.(I can't even blame the spell checker!)

Regarding 'majority of users' I respect your query. but I have found many back country hill walkers, who would happily throw any modern GPS gizmo into the river with distain! But we have to move forward. This IS the future.

However my proposal was for a 'mountain navigation' module with also a 'simple mode' for casual 'point and shoot ' users. What I don't want is for my proposal  to be subsumed into purely a route following applet. Particularly as several route followers already say they don't even need navigation anyway!

What I hope for is to integrate these two approaches into one tool kit. Its then up to the user how they choose to use it.

@dennis Thanks for your comments. Traditionally all my difficult navigation was map, compass & head torch. (Any form of GPS would have been a huge help).

I do not have a Garmin type GPS, nor do I know what they do. but to have to use both OMN and Garmin, as opposed to just OMN sounds limiting. they also seem to have quiet small screens vv an s7 edge.

I aspire to use just a single OMN device.

I note an earlier comment by a 3 day backpacker who used OMN on his trips. An S7 edge with a mobyjuice 3100 back pack & additional Samsung 5000 or 10,000 powerpack is good for several days. how so the Garmin?

I found the earlier comments on just watching the GPS track, as it progressed against a pre recorded route, illuminating. (Apologies, I forget the post). but it does not suit all ad hoc, off piste circumstances .

For the record, I always leave a note on my campervan, of  details of my trip, party, equipment & experience.

However nowadays, as I get less able, I always take OMN, with All UK and IGN mapping and a compass & torch, (oops & a map if I have one for that area).

Lets try and integrate 'happy wanderer, 'mountain navigator' and' 'route  follower' into one applet.


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