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Removing old tracks from maps, Android

Can anyone please enlighten me as to how to remove old tracks from my maps? I now have tracks merging with tracks, completely confusing. Also, is there anyway to determine one track from another on the screen?


In the OMNC app tap the information icon and swipe through to the user data window.  Here tap the More icon and then select Close all.  This removes all the old tracks off the screen.  It does not lose the data so if you then sync it will make sure it is saved for future use.

Kind regards, David

More, only gives me reverse, delete, or rename.

Hi,  the More icon will give you a menu of four items.  Close All  > Screen > Settings and Help.  If this is not what you see then first of all please tap Sync.  Once that has completed re try the More icon. 

Kind regards.  David

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