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Android Beta 65

Hi all,

Quite a lot of tidying up in this one.

On loading map definitions for Manage Maps, if you have say a 50k subscription, then all other maps of 50k apart from the demo maps will be dropped. When/if you subscription expires, the maps that were hidden would become available again as they have not been removed from your account.

On turning off the GPS, the stats fields now go blank, rather than showing stale data.

Pause / Stop a tracklog now turns the GPS off. You can turn it back on to centre yourself without resuming the tracklog.

Settings->Main Map Screen, you can now set how many rows of data the Stat bar has in its Standard and Expanded format. 

If you double tap on a stats cell on the stats bar, you can now select 'No Data / Clear' to clear a cell.

Rename/Delete only listed sometimes in GM - fixed.

Grid Reference not updating - fixed.

The aggressive scrolling could show white squares - feedback please, I think its much better, but I think I have still seen the issue once. It certainly feels better on my device.

If OMN fails to startup three times in a row, it will give you the option to reset. The reset will clear off the database / settings and you will need an internet connection to get going again for the initial sync. Its not perfect, but it should catch corrupt database or settings files which will mean users won't need to uninstall and loose their map data downloads. If a user can't startup, he can't get to settings->reset, so this hopefully helps with these types of issues.


I think if I can get the list done below we are just about there.... any other showstoppers people are aware of?

What are we working on:

Blue/White screen at startup - we have new code in place, we are now awaiting some graphics from our artist to make the startup a nicer experience.

Some verify issues that I am looking into.

A crash on first use of GPS after installation.

Some feedback on re-starting tracklogs.

User feedback on 'verify pending' on larger maps - its calculating what to do without telling you, and it can take a while.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Many thanks,


Hi Graham, Downloaded and installed OK over previous beta. Started to download a 1:25KHD tile went back to the map pulled the screen down to switch on the location services and the app crashed. I get the message “app has stopped working”. I can repeat this process. Opening th app I get blue screen then white screen, a few seconds delay for both. Scrolling around the screen the screen shows white tiles then populates the maps quite quickly. Fast scrolling does not crash the app. The app has stopped working a few times somewhat randomly but I don’t seem to get the reset option. I’ll try a reset and give it another go. Ernie

Thanks Ernie.  The reset option will only get fired up on startup. i.e. if you tap the icon, and OMN fails to startup and get to the map, that counts as one failed startup. 3 fails, and on the fourth time you try to startup, it will offer you the reset. The location services crash could be the same one I am tracking on initial installation, but its good to have another view of the bug.

hi on amazon fire have no option to move to SD card 

Hi Graham,

Installed on Asus Zenpad 10. screen looks like attached. Seems as though I still have narrow rows so contents not displayed correctly. Is this something particular to Asus as I've reported it before but no-one else has?


Hi Graham, Started a tracklog and app crashed, report sent. Ernie

Hi Graham

Any timescale on the functionality whereby when you search for say a OS reference, it will mark the spot on the map?

This would be extremely useful for me in what I am using the app for.


Stats bar is working for me now, but if phone display font size is above "normal",  text gets clipped at bottom. Be nice to have option of larger boxes especially for location field .

Any chance of option to lock display portrait/landscape ie stop auto rotate ? Dont want to disable rotation on all apps. Nuisance as auto rotate is quite sensitive when walking around trying to follow map.

Impressed by speed of redrawing and zooming maps.


Rob's mail solved my issue, thanks Rob!. Display font size was above default, it was set to largest so the text was being clipped.

I can't reliably get the multiple rows, swipe down doesn't appear to work, double tap sometimes gives the setup screen and sometimes gives the multiple rows. Is it different for Android or has this stopped working?


Graham. 1).Aggressive scrolling 25KHD fully zoomed out for 3 minutes gave two instances of some white tiles. This on S7edge and all maps on SD card. That bit is an improvement. 2). I also noticed that I could get the whole screen showing "loading" for about 5 seconds before the first tile was drawn. This felt worse than earlier betas. 3). When I read that stopping tracklog would stop GPS I was alarmed. However I hope and think that you mean that OMN stops taking notice of GPS data without stopping other apps from continuing to use GPS data - please confirm. 4). I like the tidy up in Manage Maps. When you document what happens when a subscription lapses it will beg the question "How can I tell what maps ( and dates) have I purchased before I renew or lapse my subscription?". David

Morning chaps,

@Ernie - I can't reproduce your repeatable crash. Out of interest do you need to be downloading a map for that to happen? It just to my mind seems very un-connected code. But from the app, you can bring down Android setting bar, turn on location services, and OMN crashes? Was GPS turned on in OMN? (It shouldn't matter if it was or wasn't, I'm just trying to recreate this.) 

@itdave - I take it you have looked in Settings->Data, and clicking on the Target the list is not listing it? Out of interest what is it listing please? I presume you have installed via HockeyApp, as I believe Amazon doesn't support Google Play? 

@Dennis /@Rob - we will look into the font sizing issue. Looks like we need to ignore an Android default for the moment. In time it would be nice to have more configurable sizes for data. Portrait/Landscape lock is on our to-do list.

It should be press button bottom left to show/hide Stats bar.

Tap Stats bar once to expand/contract it

Double tap stats bar cell to change its data

@tenbyboy - no timescale for that one currently, but it is on the list - quite a few requests for this one, so I'm hoping it won't be too long.

@David - did the white tiles clear, or they stayed until you nudged the screen? Currently, I don't clear the loading queue, so if you scroll a lot, you will have a long queue of tiles to load, some of which will be off screen, and it will work through them - that is most likely your 5 seconds - I cut this logic a while ago whilst chasing stability - its on my list as a performance improvement. We don't change the GPS settings in Android, we just turn off our listening for position updates / de-register ourselves. I'm not overly concerned on the subscription lapsing issue - people I believe will not move from Premium to Standard. If they drop completely, then they will need OMN Classic. I will cross this bridge in about 6-8 months time.

Many thanks,


Hi Graham, It seems to be OK now BUT I did a reset and rebooted the phone so just maybe that cleared an internal phone issue. I seem to have had this kind of issue with a few of the betas loaded over a previous version but the reset or phone reboot always seems to clear the problem. Did you get the crash report that was sent towards the end of my trying to clear the problem? Anyway it’s all good now, apologies for not getting back to you only got back from Derbyshire yesterday so we were a little busy. Ernie


Re White tiles and aggressive scrolling.

The white tiles remained until I nudged the screen.  Thanks for the explanation/notes about my other points.


Hi Graham,

Installed Beta 0.65 over Beta 0.64 via hockeyapp without any problems.

Stats screen
If the expanded stats screen is open and I go into Settings -> Main Map Screen
and alter the number of rows then this is not picked up immediately; I have to
close and re-open the expanded stats screen.

The "Grid Reference" stat is displayed as "Grid Location".

White tiles

I tested the aggressive panning on OS 1:25K HD at maximum zoom out. It's very easy
to get the whole screen filled with white tiles containing the text "Loading" which start to
draw-in after a maximum of about 8 seconds. I thought this seemed quite reasonable given
that I had rapidly panned the equivalent of half a dozen full screen swipes away from the
current position. I didn't have to nudge the screen to get the tiles to draw-in. The map data
are on memory, not SD card.

I first reported this in Android Beta 0.08, when the device was running Android 6, and this
is the first time I have seen it since; the device now runs Android 7. It happened while I was
doing the aggressive panning test for white tiles. Not a show stopper as no one else has ever
reported this on the Beta forum but I thought I would note it anyway.

Paul Whitfield


Galaxy tab2.7 Android 4.2.2
1) Installed over Beta 64 from Hocky without any problems. But when tried to restart, Wi Fi not on, OMN crashed immediatly on start up. The three strikes and out came into effect so had to switch Wi Fi on. OMN then started.
2) Thanks for curing the problem of not being able to see various user inputs. Can now see all of them.
3) How can I retrieve my Beta 64 tracklogs? I carried out a "Save" from GPX editor in Beta 64 but on starting Beta 65 none of those I saved in Beta 64 are available although the previous ones are. Do they get saved if you are NOT connected to Wi Fi?
4)  Height. On my missing tracklogs I had heights of 5,000+ feet shown on the semi transparent information strip at the bottom of the screen. The track logs were all done in Norfolk around the coast with a maximum OS height of about 500feet.


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