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Android Beta 65

Hi all,

Quite a lot of tidying up in this one.

On loading map definitions for Manage Maps, if you have say a 50k subscription, then all other maps of 50k apart from the demo maps will be dropped. When/if you subscription expires, the maps that were hidden would become available again as they have not been removed from your account.

On turning off the GPS, the stats fields now go blank, rather than showing stale data.

Pause / Stop a tracklog now turns the GPS off. You can turn it back on to centre yourself without resuming the tracklog.

Settings->Main Map Screen, you can now set how many rows of data the Stat bar has in its Standard and Expanded format. 

If you double tap on a stats cell on the stats bar, you can now select 'No Data / Clear' to clear a cell.

Rename/Delete only listed sometimes in GM - fixed.

Grid Reference not updating - fixed.

The aggressive scrolling could show white squares - feedback please, I think its much better, but I think I have still seen the issue once. It certainly feels better on my device.

If OMN fails to startup three times in a row, it will give you the option to reset. The reset will clear off the database / settings and you will need an internet connection to get going again for the initial sync. Its not perfect, but it should catch corrupt database or settings files which will mean users won't need to uninstall and loose their map data downloads. If a user can't startup, he can't get to settings->reset, so this hopefully helps with these types of issues.


I think if I can get the list done below we are just about there.... any other showstoppers people are aware of?

What are we working on:

Blue/White screen at startup - we have new code in place, we are now awaiting some graphics from our artist to make the startup a nicer experience.

Some verify issues that I am looking into.

A crash on first use of GPS after installation.

Some feedback on re-starting tracklogs.

User feedback on 'verify pending' on larger maps - its calculating what to do without telling you, and it can take a while.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Many thanks,


@Ernie - yes I have the crash reports, although these ones aren't that helpful as to what happened. However, it would appear we have some libraries which we use with updates that were reported in your crash reports, so we have updated those this morning.

@David - thank-you.

@Paul - I think you probably have an old setting for Grid Reference, so just update it by double tapping on it. If you re-start OMN, is the judder always there?

@Cliff - it sounds very much like your system was not in a stable state. I presume if you turn off wifi now, it starts up fine? It will only need wifi if it needs to sync, which should only be on failed startups, or initial installation.  I'm glad the input screens are now all good for you. If you haven't run a sync from GM, then your tracklogs would have only been locally stored, and in which case the reset has most likely lost them. I've been thinking about an automatic sync, but its a case of when to run it, as we need an internet connection. Heights of 5000+ feet seem very wrong. Are you sure you weren't looking at ascent? That's still quite an ascent!

Many thanks,


Thanks for reply.
1) I made sure that I saved the tracklogs from GPX editor, ( Wi Fi not available), since I wanted to print them as they were a reminder of part of my wife's birthday present. If you can PM me the location of where they would/are saved I'll try to re-constitute them. ( easy to restore deleted routes etc. in Classic OMN)
2) Definatly seen heights of 5000+ feet previously on tracklogs in accent and descent but have not checked the individual track points assumed that the height algorithum was still being developed.
3) Yes OMN starts OK and has the fastest start up I've seen since the very early Betas.
4) What happens after 3 failed start ups when Wi Fi is not be available. I use OMN in a stand alone condition. i.e Wi Fi not available.


@Cliff If you have Google Timeline enabled you may be able to see the route taken and then replace the lost tracklogs. David

@Cliff - on saving the gpx files, they save into the database on your local device. A sync would have copied the data to Anquet Cloud, but that currently needs the user to hit the Sync button in GM. Unfortunately the reset you have done will have killed off the local database, and the subsequent sync brought your data down from Anquet Cloud. In this instance I'm afraid to report the data has been lost.

We shouldn't be getting failed startups. OMN should startup fine wifi or no wifi. However, if the main database or settings files get corrupted somehow, then its possible that OMN won't start up. This would have in the past led to us asking a user to uninstall/reinstall, and that would wipe the map downloads as well, which is awkward. So we have brought in this bit of code, which offers to remove the settings/database files, hence not requiring an uninstall/reinstall. But users just shouldn't be seeing this code in normal usage.

This does of course raise some issues in my mind. The obvious change in due course would be to split the database into two parts, so that route data could hopefully be less prone to issues.


Hi Graham,

Stats screen: Grid Reference
It always appears as "Grid Location", not "Grid Reference".
In the lists of stats that you get when double tapping on the stats screen it is listed as
"Grid Location". When I select "Grid Location" from the list it subsequently appears as
"Grid Location" in the stats box. No sign of "Grid Reference" at all.

I managed to provoke judder again by performing the fast aggresive panning when testing
for white tiles. What happens is that Beta 65 will suddenly "minimise" to the Recent apps
screen (I don't actually have to be in the middle of panning at the time) and then "all hell
breaks loose" in Android. Apps open unsolicited, e.g. Google, keyboard; the screen swaps
between Home Screen and Recent Apps screen; the notification screen drops down then
closes.  Essentially, it seems as though Android has gone into a meltdown. If I turn the
display off/on then Android appears to recover and I can restart Beta 65 from the Recent
Apps screen. Perhaps there is something Android didn't like with the fast, aggresive swiping
that I was performing when trying to provoke white tiles.

White tiles
In attempting to provoke judder with aggresive panning, I managed to get white tiles that
required a nudge to redraw. These white tiles contained no text. So white tiles that require
a nudge do occur but, for me, it seems infrequent and I wouldn't normally pan anywhere
near as aggressively as I did in this testing.

Paul Whitfield


Thanks David.
Unfortunatly I do not have that app.


Hi Graham,

Judder is definitely an Android/Moto G4 Plus issue. Without any apps open, I simply swiped
continuously and aggressively on the Android Home Screen and, after a while, Android
starts behaving as previously noted. Turning the display off/on seems to cure the judder.
As I mentioned, this is not how I would normally interact with the device, so I wouldn't
waste any time on investigating this.

Paul Whitfield


May well have always been an issue but:

Power saving enabled on phone.

Track Logging started.

Locked phone

Carried on walking

Unlocked phone

Tracklog had stopped recording points while locked, but restarted when unlocked.

I have had this problem with other GPS loggers while power save enabled but NOT consistently !

Samsung 7 , Android 7.0, data storage to SD card

Used this beta 65 today on a 13 mile walk recording a track log on my Moto G. On checking my route on several occasions during the walk, there were no white tiles on opening. This was definitely an improvement.
However the screen took a while to catch up to where I was, and on some occasions, I had to re center the map.
Otherwise no problems.


@Paul - many thanks.

@Rob - that's an interesting one, that I'm pretty sure we can't code around. If we could, all the apps would, and the power saving mode would be of no use. My guess is we can probably detect it, and let the user know and ask him to whitelist us. I believe you can turn it off per app in Settings->Battery.

The problem we will have, is that for most people, they don't turn this on, but it kicks in at 15% battery or similar level, and if they aren't looking at the app, then we can't let them know.

The only way I can see to do this, is to ask for the permission at installation, or the first time they try to record a tracklog, but some users will baulk at giving that, but at least they will have been warned!

Can you try giving it a green card using the link above, and let me know if that is certainly the cause on your device?

@Peter - when you say the screen had to catch up - were you faced with a blue screen at any point, or just simply a map screen? Could you have nudged the screen before closing the phone? If the mode is 'off-centre', then on coming back to life, it would still be off-centre. Normally we are listening for a GPS fixing every half second or so, so I would expect the screen to show up, and then within about 1 second to have had a further GPS fix, and on that fix if the system was set to be on centre, for the map to catch-up.  Could that explain what you were seeing?

Many thanks chaps,


@Graham - there was no blue screen. Your explanation makes sense. On opening the map showed, but the GPS marker was on the location of the last time I opened the app. It then 'caught up' to show the current location. On a couple of occasions however, it did not, and I had to tap the GPS button to re center.
I guess I am comparing it to OMNC (which runs on the same phone), where opening the running app instantly brings up a centered current location.



   In Beta 63, I reported similar behaviour regarding the non-centred positioning when
   turning the display on during tracklog recording. I also thought this behaviour was
   different compared with previous Betas. I have a Moto G4 Plus.

   "I did a one hour walk and tracklog recording mostly worked fine and there was no
   white screen when turning the display off/on. The only difference, compared with
   earlier betas, was that the map didn't centre when the display was turned on. Not
   really an issue as a tap on the GPS icon centres the map."

Could this be an edge case that has been introduced where the non-centred/centred
criteria is a fine balance between the calculation of the GPS "change in position",
display resolution, and the point in time at when the display is turned off.  Also, the
"change in position" could be due to GPS error rather than any physical motion by
the user. Could anything in code have changed compared with previous Betas that
may be causing this observed difference in behaviour?

Paul Whitfield


@Peter / @Paul - I think I have found the issue. Many thanks.

Beta 66 is now up:

Good: I am planning to walk again on Saturday so will test out Beta 66 then.


@Graham Thanks for the reply. Good to know I'm not the only one and that it is on the list :)
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