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OMN Update 10th January

Happy New Year all

We have been hard at work on the OMN software. Android is thankfully finally about to go-live.

Android has taken way longer to get fully stable than we ever imagined, but we do now finally appear to be just about at an initial release.

However, quite a lot of this work has certainly also benefitted the other apps - PC, macOS and iOS as a lot of the code changes were in the core code which is shared between all of the platforms. For instance, in tracking down bugs on Android, the map drawing code has certainly gained in performance. In tracking down map download issues, again, we have gained more robustness and stability for all platforms. There is a long list of improvements which will be making their way to the other platforms in the coming weeks.

What are we working on?


The aim right now is to get Android live, which we are very close with. We are hopeful to have an initial release in the next few weeks. Behind this we will bring iOS up to the level of Android, and bring macOS up to the level of the PC. I then believe the PC users have been very patient, so we will be adding some new features there, before returning to the mobiles to implement the compass work.



Android has had the majority of our development time over the last few months. Things are now appearing to be nicely stable, and we are now putting the final polish in place.

Android has now also gained a user configurable Stats bar at the top of the map which can be configured.


The latest beta can be downloaded from:

Android and iOS


There has been a very engaging conversation on the forum about the compass and map orientation:



iOS now internally needs some alterations due to the amount of new code we have put into Android. This is partially done. We also now need to bring across the Stats bar from Android.



We have now updated the code internally to have the new information panel inside GE that the PC has. We have some tidying up to do before the next beta.




We have been very quiet on this front. macOS has been playing catch-up to the PC, but I am hopeful that we will be back very soon to adding new features to the PC software.

Many thanks,


Samsung S8 Android version 7.0 Samsung Experience Version 8.1  Anquet OMN 0.71   

When in places where there is no mobile connection then I get a screen full of text stating 'Downloading' (which given that I have stored maps on the SD card is a bit annoying). 

Is there a way to control this and quickly use stored maps?  

You shouldn't be getting that. Did you download the maps, or just scroll across them when at home? I ask, as scrolling across won't download all the Enhanced Zoom data, so when out, and you zoom to a different level, it will try to pull data in.

My advice would be to:

1. Setting->Re-Index and run that, to make sure everything is catalogued properly.

2. Open up Manage Maps, and 'Verify' the maps you have downloaded.

Once done, pop your phone into aeroplane mode and you should be able to view the maps without any requirement for an internet connection.


P.S. you can control wifi/4G usage in Settings->Data, but the 'downloading' will only appear if it thinks it doesn't have the mapping. So either the mapping wasn't on the device, or it needed a re-index to know about it.


The downloaded maps were stored on my SD Card but for some reason I noticed that the settings had reverted to use internal (phone).  Using Anquet I have very quickly 'moved' maps from phone location to target SD Card.  I have verified, synchronised, Re-Indexed, closed Anquet, re-opened Anquet and the 'Current location' is still SD Card (albeit named as /storage/6234-3565/Android/data...........)

Putting phone into flight mode has proved that I can see all my stored maps.

Hopefully, next time I am in  place with no telephone connection - things will work OK.

Thanks for the hint of using Flight Mode.



@Dave - that issue is on our list. Basically if you do a reset, we reset all settings (which makes sense), but we think on restart we should warn that last time you had data on the SD card.


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