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Android Beta 66

Hi all,

Splash screen


I'm waiting on graphics from our artist, so use your imagination for the moment.

Where the icon is on the blue screen will be a larger graphic.

Then the two flashing balls will soon be an ainnimated hourglass graphic.

But I think the code is all in place, we now just need the artwork.

Fonts for Stats


Work in progress - so for quite a few of you they will have shrunk. This is temporary whilst we resolve this. Users with system font set to large have had the data clipped.

So what have we fixed?


  • Post initial installation, using the GPS would ask for permission, then freeze. Fixed.
  • Verify would often get stuck at 99% - this has now been fixed, but if you are downloading / verifying multiple maps, it will resolve at the end of the process - basically, when a map package has failed, it gets added to the end of the queue to be re-tried, and hence ends up out-of-order, hence the re-tries get done after the other maps have finished.
  • The long pause on 'Verify Pending' has now been resolved.
  • The non-centring of the map on GPS on coming back to the foreground I believe is now resolved.

Android 4.x devices


If anyone has an old 4.x device they could dust off and try, that would be appreciated. I think there may still be a few devices we don't start on, and I either need to resolve that, or up the lowest level we run on.

If anyone is running happily on 4.x, if they can let me know their device and Android version number that would be helpful.

What is still to go?


Further investigations into 4.x devices. I don't know if I have an issue here or not.

Graphics for splash screen required - waiting on our artist.

Resolve font size on stats bar - in progress.

A few bug reports to look through.

A bit of logic on restart to check for tracklog recordings.



Beyond the list above, any other showstoppers chaps?

I'm hoping to get this release very soon now, as I believe we are finally in a state to do so.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Many thanks,


Graham Select "Reset Styles" and it says OMN will be closed and asks for a restart. For me OMN does not get closed. A manual close and restart gives me the blue screen with Anquet logo for a couple of seconds. The next restart is normal and the Styles appear to have been reset. I suspect that you just need to change the message texts. David PS Even the ball on the white screen gently changing colour is reassuring. I look forward to your artists work.


I finally bought a subscription and am revisiting Android Beta OMN. I found the whole install/setup/move maps to SD card process to be a simple/pleasant experience (bar a couple of 'stuck at 99%' downloads that you seem to be addressing). The recent change to hide some maps if you had the equivalent subscription was a particularly good one (it was otherwise very confusing).

Looking good for an imminent release.

One (non show stopper) I noticed. Often when using the phone on walks, I unlock the phone to consult OMN (which is already running, displaying my route and has GPS active) and find the screen orientation 'stuck' - usually in landscape which I dislike! Closing/restarting OMN cures this. Obviously I can lock the phones screen orientation before a walk (if I remember!).

Hugh (S5 Neo, Android 6.0.1)

Hi Graham,

Installed Beta 0.66 over Beta 0.65 via hockeyapp without any problems.

OS 1:50K HD  maps now verify much quicker, no more 60 second "Verify Pending" waits.

If you hit the Android back button while Verifying then OMN crashes with the message
"OMN has stopped". No crash report is generated and OMN restarts without problem.
Is this something that should be trapped?

GPS Centring
Did a two-hour walk and and tested GPS centring which now works as expected.
On turning the display back on, the GPS centres within no more than a couple of
seconds and sometimes centres instantly.

Paul Whitfield


Hi Graham, this is probably a bit late, but I find the whole routes/styles/managers menu system not at all intuitive. I have never used routes so represent a newbie. This morning I thought I would look at WP creation as a precursor to setting up 'navigation ', I gave it a go..... Long press gave me a waypoint, but it was invisible! It was there if I tapped the spot, but useless...... I then started on the menus to see what's wrong. Do I use settings, styles /icons , or managers, or gpx editor or what...... It took me 3/4 of an hour to find how to do it! I do recall a similar problem when I had a go in the summer. I fear for the new user. Once you know how its OK, but my second visit after a break was just as confusing. Sorry Roger.
The second issue I have is with WP edit mode. The attached screen clip shows me trying to move the red bulls eye onto the knoll. Any attempt to pan the map always resulted in dragging the route points and corrupting the route . And that's at home. Using fleece or winter etip gloves ? It just would not work. ..... we need something different for field use...... More to come on the compass forum. Roger

Many thanks all.

@David - that's on my list. In fact it most likely will close, but it can take a LONG time. It in fact does a sync to get your data, then does the reset, then syncs again, to make sure Anquet Cloud is clean. Then closes you down, so that on restart, you sync from Anquet Cloud and get clean data. Quite messy, but effective, and frankly shouldn't be used much, so technically I'm happy enough with it, but it needs a form of progress report.

@Hugh - many thanks. Glad its all working nicely for you. The 99% I'm addressing, but my guess is a little prompting will sometimes be required - I think I need to make it more obvious the size of downloads - 50k HD is 8GB, the chance of some tiles not timing out on download across the servers / wifi connections is small. After 3 fails, we stop re-queuing.

When you say 'stuck', if you them move your phone landscape to portrait, it doesn't resolve to sort itself out? Or does it actually freeze/crash and you have to restart? A system to control portrait/landscape is on the todo list, as its requested quite a lot.

@Paul - I take it you are in Manage Maps when you hit the back button? I just drop back to the map. Glad to see the GPS centring is fixed.

@Roger - you are right - that's way too late! We need to get this out the door. Then iOS and macOS needs to be brought up-to-date, some PC features that they have been patiently waiting for need building, and then I'm guessing the mobile users will want the compass work we have been discussing. I know there are some styles tasks on the to-do list, but they are quite a way down the list currently. I am sure there will be time for refinement, but now is not the time for this bit I'm afraid.

Many thanks all,


Fully understood Graham, I just had a bad morning session. All is back on course and positive


Many thanks Roger.


Re Rogers comment about new users.

I think I said way back in the betas that on release you needed a simple demo video for new users so they become 'hooked' before the "I don't understand this, what a load of ****" frustration reflex kicks in. As Roger says, "Once you know how, it's OK". Your beta testers are probably mostly people who are prepared to (and even enjoy) messing with maps and software to see how things work. Most 'normal' people are not! :-)


@Hugh, I don't think Roger's comments are wrong, just ill timed. We have as a group done a LOT of re-working of interfaces, and we can continue and continue and never make the release. As you say the beta group are a self-selected group, who are mainly quite technical. Certainly I need more content, instructions, on-boarding emails etc. Its just all a question of time and resource.

Roger - re orientation 'stuck'

OMN is still working, just stuck in a particular orientation and no amount of twisting/turning the phone will re orient it. It's as though OMN was no longer receiving or no longer responding to orientation change events. I just press 'back' on the phone, respond yes to OMNs exit prompt and then restart OMN.


Hi Graham,

Yes, I'm in "Manage Maps" when I tap the Android back button.
There is no problem if I'm not doing anything in Manage Maps, i.e. I drop back to the map
as you say. When I'm doing a Verify in "Manage Maps" then, sometimes, when I tap the back
button Beta 66 crashes. It seems to happen when I tap the Android back button while the
verify is still in the "Verify Pending" state. This has happened several times verifying the GB
50k HD Subscription map "Scottish Lowlands and Borders". Sometimes the crash occurs
when I attempt to go back to "Manage Maps" after having "dropped back" to the map.
Beta 66 also crashed when I selected "Cancel All" during a verify.

Paul Whitfield


Samsung Galaxy Tab pro android 4.2 appears to work. Not tested thoroughly yet.

hi Graham, re my wearing my newbie hat.

We must ensure the OMN, off a clean new user install, has all the correct options set. This may already be true, knowing your thoroughness. It was perhaps me that wrecked the settings over many betas. The reason I got an invisible WP was that under 'settings/managers/waypoint style manager, I had  'show WP icon' set to off.  still not sure how this came about, but tricky.

(I think I now have a good suggestion on 'create/edit' the proposed navigation TARGET point for the 'compass forum)

Best wishes, Roger

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