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Android Beta 66

Hi all,

Splash screen


I'm waiting on graphics from our artist, so use your imagination for the moment.

Where the icon is on the blue screen will be a larger graphic.

Then the two flashing balls will soon be an ainnimated hourglass graphic.

But I think the code is all in place, we now just need the artwork.

Fonts for Stats


Work in progress - so for quite a few of you they will have shrunk. This is temporary whilst we resolve this. Users with system font set to large have had the data clipped.

So what have we fixed?


  • Post initial installation, using the GPS would ask for permission, then freeze. Fixed.
  • Verify would often get stuck at 99% - this has now been fixed, but if you are downloading / verifying multiple maps, it will resolve at the end of the process - basically, when a map package has failed, it gets added to the end of the queue to be re-tried, and hence ends up out-of-order, hence the re-tries get done after the other maps have finished.
  • The long pause on 'Verify Pending' has now been resolved.
  • The non-centring of the map on GPS on coming back to the foreground I believe is now resolved.

Android 4.x devices


If anyone has an old 4.x device they could dust off and try, that would be appreciated. I think there may still be a few devices we don't start on, and I either need to resolve that, or up the lowest level we run on.

If anyone is running happily on 4.x, if they can let me know their device and Android version number that would be helpful.

What is still to go?


Further investigations into 4.x devices. I don't know if I have an issue here or not.

Graphics for splash screen required - waiting on our artist.

Resolve font size on stats bar - in progress.

A few bug reports to look through.

A bit of logic on restart to check for tracklog recordings.



Beyond the list above, any other showstoppers chaps?

I'm hoping to get this release very soon now, as I believe we are finally in a state to do so.

You can download from:


Google Play:

** this takes a little while to come out. HockeyApp email notifications will come out once the build completes.

Many thanks,


@Graham, yes I have started a download and shut the case, which switches the tablet off. When i opened it up sometime later the 2 areas i had started downloading were installed.

@Ian - thanks.

@all - one very helpful user wrote this into support


The trackpoint counter in notifications on the locked phone continues to 

run on at the interval I have set (10 seconds I think) whilst the phone 

is locked but display is still visible. But when the phone is locked and 

the display is no longer visible, the counter seems to stop at the 

latest trackpoint number that OMN reached whilst the display was still 

on. Furthermore, if I restart the display again by pressing the on/off 

button the trackpoint numbers start to progress again even though I have 

not entered my PIN to unlock the phone for normal use.


Can anyone else replicate that on Beta 66?

I'm asking here, as I am about to release Beta 68 which has a workaround, but it would be great to find a tester who gets the above on 66, but gets a good result on 68.

It would appear that some devices will sleep our tracklog recorder even though we are a foreground process, but there appear to be workarounds.

Many thanks,


Hi Graham,

Notification: trackpoint counter
I don't use a screen lock and was unable to reproduce the stopped trackpoint counter in the
notification regardless of whether the display was ON or OFF and with Beta 66 open or relegated
to the Recent Apps screen.

As a further test, I temporarily added a PIN screenlock with the following display settings and
lock screen settings.

      Android Settings=>Display=>Sleep=>after 15 seconds inactivity.
      Android Settings=>Security=>Screen lock=>PIN=>Show all notification content
      Android Settings=>Security=>Screen lock settings=>Automatically lock after 5 seconds
                                                                                         Power button instantly locks - OFF

With the above configuration, the notification trackpoint counter always incremented as expected
(every 10 seconds) even after the sreen lock had been activated and the display had been turned
off for over a minute. Moto G4 Plus running Android 7.0.

Paul Whitfield


Many thanks Paul. That's pretty much what I expect for *most* devices on Beta 66. 68 is actually ready to go, but a MS service is failing at the moment, so I will re-try the deployment after lunch.

Like Paul, I tried to replicate the Notification on both my Moto G5 and G2 - without success.


Graham - re 'stuck' orientation. So far it's not happened when the gps is not enabled in OMN but I haven't had much chance to to do serious testing. Will keep trying... Hugh

@Peter / @Hugh - many thanks. 

Chaps the next one is up:

Graham. Just an update. Today's tracklog was fine. No problems. (CR) One observation. Tracklogging with the position centred. I switch the phone back on and OMN pops up. The display shows the map and GPX location at the position when the phone was switched off. The current tracklog is shown to the edge of the screen. After a few seconds the GPX location and map move to the correct location. So the tracklog is updated with the screen off but the GPX marker is not.

@Nigel - I have this one on my list.

The background service carries on adding the points to the tracklog in the background, but doesn't redraw/move the screen.

On coming to the foreground, it redraws - which includes the tracklog, but we only actually move the screen after the next fixing from the GPS, hence the delay. Its on my list to resolve this one.


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