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Update 15 September - Android

I've been playing with the Android OMN2 app today on an old Galaxy S3. Login and Map Sync work very nicely.  My Maps is a nice list, quick and responsive.  The map screen loading of map tiles looks to be almost exactly the same speed as OMN1 on this device (OMN2 outpaces OMN1 on this on newer Google devices with a higher Android API can be used.).  But its in the map drawing where OMN2 is superior - its just smoother.

Map streaming is working very nicely :-)

Quite a few rough edges to clean up before we can get this into beta, but this is all looking to be progressing very nicely now.


I dont seem to be able to transfer map data to sd card on Samsung galaxy s7 it just the beta

Please make sure you are now on 0.28 or above -

We have a number of users stating a good result on the S7, if you can try the latest beta and please let us know.

Thanks. Now saving in ad card. I was trying to use the phone settings and not app settings. Steve

Our understanding is that we could enable it in the Android Settings screen, but that only appears to move the app and not the many GB´s of map data.

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